Monday, February 1, 2016


We can continue to go round over round over this boondoggle.  It will accomplish nothing.  The BV broke the story years ago, and after thousands of words by endless social media, what do we have?  A worthless empty building.

All over the U.S. it is not unusual for businesses to buy such buildings and turn them into small vendor shops - an indoor open market.

Brownsville made an attempt to bring Matamoros vendors to the Majestic Theater for an open market.  The venue was too small, but also as my investigation has revealed U.S. Customs was also a problem.

This solution for Casa Del Nylon is workable.  But it will not happen without brains leading the battle. 

Cesar de Leon is clearly  the brightest of anyone on the Brownsville City Commission - maybe he can do what our inept city attorney cannot - find out what it is going to take to get Customs to be more user friendly to these Matamoros vendors.

We also need Congressman Vela to work with Customs to make them more user friendly with our neighbors to the south. 

It blows my mind that we cannot just seem to work together to accomplish anything.  I cannot believe that the City Commission cannot just put aside the extrajudicial territory issue for the benefit of a Cameron county metroplex.

Our core problem is not corruption - it is a lack of vision and a willingness of our leaders to work together for the greater good. 

All it is going to take is one very strong personality to put all of our elected policy makers in line - just one and the rest will follow.


Anonymous said...

Can someone file a lawsuit against Mayor Tony Martinez for the Casa De Nylon purchase? His partner was representing Galonsky....there was obviously a big time conflict of interests there! I believe he was even in executive session meetings regarding the purchase....this is a crime and the mayor is free and clear. Meanwhile the Feds, DEA and District Attorney are busy busting the Tax Assesor for taking $100 bills....what a joke!

BobbyWC said...

Like I said when I opened his post - thousands of words of been written on this and nothing came of it. It is time to move on to finding a use for the building so that city can get its money back.

All it will take to do what you want is for 4 city commissioners to vote to hire an independent counsel to investigate the city's options. Limitations may be a problem, but under various theories of conspiracy and continuing tort they may be able in a criminal and civil context overcome the limitations issue.

But guys I know this city commission does not have the 4 votes. So I am moving on to what can we do with the building so the city can get its money back. This is where we she be focusing the conversation

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Customs law is customs law
You can not simply ask them to look the other way. Customs was created as an agency to protect US economic interests nowadays people think customs is a drug interdiction agency. They are wrong. If you want to bring Mexican products in to sell they are subject to a tariff. Yes all the taquerias smuggle cheese that is not approve by the USDA but it's illegal

BobbyWC said...

You missed the entire point of the piece. We need officials who can work with customs. Laws are changed all of the time. Customs laws for free trade zones exist all over the US. It is a matter of allowing border towns free trade zones for commerce coming in from Mexico to be sold at specific areas. It is possible if we simply have the right people working on it.

Bobby WC