Saturday, February 6, 2016

Yesterday  I did not post because something happened to me while undergoing a 35 minute brain and eye MRI.  I have had many MRI's.  It is no great challenge to keep your head still.  Now the eyes are another story.  That was ruff.  There is no recorded evidence of side effects from an MRI caused by the MRI itself.  The noise may give you a headache, but that is not the MRI per se.  When I left I felt really sick and had a 101 fever by the time I got home.  So I drank a lot of water, and fell asleep.
We know that I have enlarged ventricles.  We know I have hypothalamic dysfunction.,  The latter can be caused by pressure on the hypothalamus by the ventricles.  We know 4 times I have tested positive for papilledema.  I am losing my vision in my left eye.  Enlarged ventricles can be the cause of papilledema.  Can the test be wrong 4 times? Well, yes.  It is highly unusual, but not impossible for someone to have papilledema in one eye.  So with two different eye doctors unable to agree on what they are seeing when they look into my left eye, with the MRI I am now scheduled to see a neurophthalmologist.
The diaphragmic spasms are really bad.  They can be relieved in part by correcting the hiatal hernia.  Here is the problem.  Protocol requires certain testing before hiatal hernia surgery can be performed.  A key rest is not available at this time in either Cameron or Hidalgo county.

The VA had me see a bariatric surgeon to determine if I should be sent to the VA San Antonio to have them perform the test.  Hypothalamic dysfunction causes Male Obesity Associated Secondary Hypogonadism MOSH.  The VA Houston working with the National Institute of Health has shown near 100% success rate in curing MOSH to include raising testosterone to normal rates, through lap band surgery. The weight gain is from a lack of metabolism caused by the hypothalamic dysfunction.  At this time no one knows why the procedure works to nearly cure all of the symptoms of MOSH.


Medicine is complex.  It takes a lot of luck to get the right team of doctors to put the puzzle together.  This bariatric surgeon looked at my medical history and knew the problem.  The issue of further testing for the hiatal hernia became meaningless if the VA will approve the lap-band surgery.  If they do they will probably send me to Houston where the procedure is done and the studies concerning MOSH are ongoing.  I got lucky when I was sent to a bariatric surgeon who know about MOSH and how my entire medical history points to MOSH.  So now I wait about 2 months for the request to go through the system.  The result will depend on how forceful the surgeon's request is.


Neither Valley Baptist nor Valley Regional are set up to do bariatric surgery of this type.  Valley Regional hopes to be up and running in 6 months.  With diabetes being such a big problem in Brownsville you would think the hospitals would have already been set up for lab-band surgery.


Texas has no law on this issue.  You can have zero experience in construction and register as a contractor.  Many contractors are just the person who brings together under one umbrella the plumber, the builder etc.  The contractor then gets one permit for the entire project.  But they cannot get the permit unless they have paid the $250.00 fee to the city, to register as a contractor. They then charge the consumer 10-30% of the real price as a fee to bring all of the parties together.  If you know how to pick subcontractors on your own, then you do not need a contractor.  Also contractors to get the job quite often go with the lowest bids, which mean you may not be getting the best job.

I only go with bonded people with high Better Business ratings.  If something goes wrong, their bond protects me.  As to permits, because it is my home I do not need to register as a contractor if I request the permits myself.  In my case the plumber electrician will get their permit, and for installation of the two French doors, I will get the permit for about $55.00.

After meeting with Mr. Gamez I can tell you there is no interest in his office protecting the consumer from these contractors and subcontractors.  I could not get a straight answer as to whether or not his office sends out an inspector to insure a door or window has been install according to the terms of the permit.  In Brownsville his inspectors cannot approve the installations of windows or glass doors unless they are impact resistant or have impact resistant shudders installed along with the windows and doors.  This is not happening, but yet his inspectors, when they do inspections, are telling the consumers the installation is legal.

I suggested asking the Herald to do a story on the issue to educate the consumer.  That was a no go.  If the consumers learn the glass doors and windows they are buying do not comply with Texas law, you watch how fast Lowes, Home Depot and McCoys, and others immediately change their inventory.  The windows and doors must contain the compliance label put on the door or window by the manufacturer before the engineer can certify the window or glass door as impact resistant.  The same goes for the impact resistant shudders.

So after all of this I will comply with the law because it makes a difference.  If we have a storm and you lose windows and glass doors which do not meet impact resistant standards and they were installed after the year 2000 your Wind Storm insurance claim for the windows and glass doors will be denied.  You are paying insurance for no coverage because of fraud by the vendors, and naturally the City of Brownsville has no interest in addressing the problem.

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