Monday, February 1, 2016


There are so many people in the pictures.  I love the 50th wedding anniversary pictures.  There are so many memories.  I remember when Lisa graduated with her PhD in psychology my sister Caroline must have called me 10 times asking if I was going to Chicago for the graduation.

There are endless pictures of his military service, community friends, family, and his endless work in Brownsville.  I love his brother Isaac is in many of the pictures because in Brownsville they were a team.  The both are always smiling.  The stone home is that of Roberto Ruiz home which was profiled in the Herald.  I forget how many tons of stone were used. 

The day I drove down from Dallas to rent my first home Danny told me to get off on Alton Gloor and to go to the job area.  I spent hours watching Danny and Isaac by hand picking each stone, taking a small hammer to shape the stone and then placing it on the house like a perfect puzzle piece.  Danny and Isaac were a team.  Their work is seen all over Brownsville.

On a final note I want to thank the Honorable Mayor Tony Martinez and Dr. Juliet Garcia for their beautiful words after the Rosary.  Neither were mere politicians just saying words - it blew my mind how in their words they proved they knew Danny's soul.  He was not a mere worker for them, he was a dear friends who they knew deeply and their words brought great joy to the family.

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