Sunday, February 28, 2016


Jerry has a penchant for vulgarities when he speaks of Julieta Garcia for her failure at UT Brownsville.  But when it comes to Rene Oliviera who wrote the partnership agreement which allowed UT to not pay rent to TCS to the tune of $12 million dollars he praises the misogynistic philanderer   The bottom line is McHale writes for chump change while refusing to even pretend to research his facts, or even care for that matter - well what can we say he learned his craft at the Herald..


I have not hidden my support for Dan Sanchez. Sunday's Herald proved the money is going to Dan Sanchez and not Eddie Treviño.

McHale lambasts Carlos Marin and Mike Hernandez nearly daily while promoting Dan Sanchez, but as the Herald pointed out Carlos Marin and Mike Hernandez are big donors to Dan Sanchez.  So where is McHale's outrage against Dan Sanchez?  He continues to push Dan Sanchez even though he is backed by the very people McHale claims are conning Brownsville.  Why? Money

I tell every political candidate the same thing - including everyone I have met who are tied to Mike Hernandez - ignore the blogs - they are bought and paid for and run by failed journalists.  I know the true numbers of the readership, and for all practical purposes we do not exist.  And that goes for Castro's con page also. 

Google Statistics are designed to be manipulated. If I were so inclined to be bored and hit on my web page 10,000 times a day I would show well over 10,000 hits.  It is a con. Also there is a difference between individual hits and total hits.  The latter only measures the first time a particular IP address has clicked on the blog, during a predefined 24 hours.  Total hits measures if the same IP address clicked on your blog 5 times in one day.  That is still one person hitting on the page 5 times.  The individual hits cannot tell you if the same person hit on the blog from work, their phone, and home.  Those three individual IP hits would still be only one person.  No one has honest numbers - so again I tell people all of the time to stay away from blogs they are trash. 

The BV has always had a specific target audience which understands the importance of documents and supporting links.  If I could block all of the trolls somehow I would.  But I am very happy with my numbers and targeted readership because these are the people who can change  things.  They are the people who meet with me.


Based on meetings I have had with numerous people who are tied to Mike Hernandez, he is doing his due diligence before he gives out money.  He knows Dan Sanchez has done his research into making Cameron county into a metroplex and is thinking globally.  This is an integral part of OP10.33's mission.

Ed Rivera and Raul Villanueva are key parts to the plan to bring manufacturing to the Port of Brownsville, instead of LNG's, and the 550 corridor.  Everyone involved knows we must find a way now to develop job training for robotics manufacturing. Dan Sanchez has announced he will work with any entity willing to work with him as the County Judge to find the grant money to make the job training program a reality.

A part of the problem is we have far too many small minded elected officials who cannot think globally.  I personally oppose a nickel going to BISD, but it is not my money - more and that infra.

There is a debate should the job manufacturing facility go to BISD or TSC.  I can assure Mike not one special needs child will ever get near the job training program if it goes to BISD.  This must be a joint venture between the county, TSC and the COB.

Initially we may all think build the facility near Amigoland Mall.  There is a plausible argument that if we are going to start from scratch it is best to build it off of I69/SH550.  This is the area being marketed for manufacturing.  If we are to get the manufacturing jobs it makes sense to have the training facility near and interactive with the manufacturing plants.  It will make internships a lot easier, which will please the employers.  But we need to get out of this small mindedness of "I want it and you cannot have it."

What the different political entities fail to understand is, if we begin by changing the management at the Port by adding Ed Rivera and Raul Villanueva who will push for the manufacturing model over LNG, we begin the process of bringing in manufacturing jobs.  You couple this with Dan Sanchez working with other entities to bring in the grant money for a robotics training manufacturing center, Brownsville will be able to start recruiting manufacturing jobs.

If this works the tax revenues for BISD, the COB and everyone else will go up.  By creating the manufacturing corridor what in fact we are doing is creating jobs and more tax revenue.  Just giving money to BISD does nothing to accomplish this.  But creating new manufacturing facilities creates new tax revenues for BISD and everyone else.  So in the end the project nets BISD and others more money.


I have asked this be forwarded to him, but I will now also write it here.

Do an Open Records Request to BISD asking in the last 12 months how much they have paid attorneys to defend matters related to special needs children to include Due Process violations.  When you see the number Mike you will know special needs children at BISD are disposable.  They will never see any job training no matter how much money you give BISD.

Ask how much money has been spent in legal fees for all other matters in the last 12 months?  The number will shock you.

Ask how much money was paid out by BISD to settle lawsuits over the last 5 years and then tie the names to the trustees - you will puke.  There is not an honest Board member at the BISD, and it would be sad if you only learn that after giving them money.

BISD is hopeless - so long as Joe Rodriguez is running the Board there is no chance for meaningful change - none.  Desesperanza Zendejas was hired as a broken promise to the teachers and the students.  There was no vetting other than a promise she would do Joe Rdoriguez's dirty work and she has.  Sylvia Atkinson was the first person in over a decade to take serious the issue of special needs children. She crossed Rita Hernandez and was moved out of BISD.  For Years Rita Hernandez protected the principal at Stell Middle school which the TEA marked as a failed school  - meaning parents were allowed to move their children out of Stell.  Nothing was going to get Rita to fire her friends.  Pace has seen endless problems with its principal.,  When Sylvia Atkinson tried to expose the problems at Pace in the area of special needs, Rita Hernandez played her cards to protect her friend Principal Rose Longoria and the first person in a decade who was trying to help special needs children was sent packing.

NO MIKE - NOT ONE PENNY TO BISD - It is your money to throw away - but when you see it disappear into rigged contracts, and special needs children receive no benefit - you will know you were played.

BISD has no solution - the candidates up for reelection in November are all anti-Joe Rodriguez Board Members, but to a person they have been part of the endless corruption.  Do an open records request to find out how much Carlos Marin's buddy Cata Presas-Garcia has cost the school district over her frivolous lawsuit claiming her rights were being violated because the Board would not vote her way.  It took a year and over $200,000 of our taxpayer money before Judge Hanen threw that part of the lawsuit out.  And there is Carlos Marin encouraging her to waste money needed for the children.

I sponsor a little girl.  I want her to have everything she needs for school.  Each year I spend about $80 to buy everything on the teacher's list - that was for pre-k and kinder.  God knows what it will be next year for first grade. Most of what  I buy are school supplies for the teachers.  BISD has money for every rigged contract and their buddies but nothing for the teachers.

Mike we are another two and half years away before we can vote out Joe Rodriguez and his cronies.  Mike do your due diligence and learn the truth about BISD and not one penny to BISD, unless it is scholarship money targeted to help BISD special needs children to get into meaningful job training programs after they graduate BISD.

Private money will never fix a hopelessly corrupt school Board.  Parents will continue to move their kids to Charter schools.  The problem is not a lack of money at BISD - the problem is the corruption and the misappropriation of the money.  Not one penny from you or anyone else will change the way BISD does business.  It's a fool's game to give a penny to BISD.

I want you to succeed Mike.  You are good for Brownsville - but not if those who are stealing from us are the ones with your ear. 

Saturday, February 27, 2016


She makes no secret she is opposed to Dan Sanchez for county judge and supports Eddie Treviño who paid $1 million dollars of our money for Imagine Brownsville which morphed into United Brownsville and continues to milk the taxpayers with Carlos Marin's help.  It is also no great secret Jessica Tetreau worships Carlos Marin.

Side note - Carlos Marin's real problem may not be his ideas to move Brownsville forward, it may be he is so desperate to be heard he listens to the Eddie Treviños, Cata Presas-Garcia's and Jessica Tetreaus,  If Carlos Marin could associate with smarter people maybe some of his good ideas would come to fruition, and his public imagine would change for the better.

The picture and following were sent to me from her FB page.
"It annoys me to see such blatant political campaigning during our parades and festivities. This is NOT what Charro Days is about."

First of all floats historically promote companies, organizations, and politicians.  According to the posts of her moronic supporters the flying ad behind the plane is promoting Eddie Treviño's opponent, Dan Sanchez. 

So Jessica try telling the truth - your problem is Dan Sanchez is advertising and not your boy Eddie Treviño.


Erasmo Castros Float promoting himself for County Democratic Party Chair, but not a word from good old honest Jessica.

Now to be fair, based on intercepted messaging between Jessica and Castro which they have shared with many people, one day they hate each other and are blocking one another, and the next day they are metaphoric lovers again. Kind of like her marriage : "he is monster", until the money starts to flow while her workers go without and have to sue to get paid., and then her husband is no longer a monster.

Yes Jessica we all know, and the police chief is waiting for you, you will demand I be arrested immediately and be given a lethal injection without trial, and when you leave, again you will be the laughing stock of the BPD.
"While still hopeful that Mr. Rubio might prevail, Mr. McConnell has begun preparing senators for the prospect of a Trump nomination, assuring them that, if it threatened to harm them in the general election, they could run negative ads about Mr. Trump to create space between him and Republican senators seeking re-election. Mr. McConnell has raised the possibility of treating Mr. Trump’s loss as a given and describing a Republican Senate to voters as a necessary check on a President Hillary Clinton, according to senators at the lunches."
The Republicans if they had a half of brain would remove Mitch McConnell as the Senate Majority leader, but they won't.  The super majority of senators up for reelection in November are Republicans.  The chances the Democrats will take the Senate are very good. 
Knowing the above what does McConnell tell Trumps supporters "we do not need you, go boink yourself."  This guy is the biggest sourpuss I have ever seen in politics.  The majority of the American people want President Obama's Supreme Court nominee to have a vote in the Senate.  McConnell announced the opinion of the American people does not matter - there will be no vote.
Instead of the Republicans spending so much time conspiring to undo Trump, which I am enjoying by the way, they might consider dumping the Senate leader they do have who cannot seem to keep from making the American people more and more angry at the Republicans.


Sanchez got lucky when the judge chose to suspend the sentence.  Part of the contempt involved the trash peace Montoya posted as a letter from Sanchez trashing his wife. Of course Juanito tried to claim the accusation really came from other blogs, but no blog other than Juanito's posted comments trashing Lorrie Sanchez with vulgarities.

From the court:

"02/23/2016 Journal Entry Petitioner Lorrie Ann Sanchez motion for enforcement by contempt was called for hearing, and after considering the same, it is the Court's opinion that Respondent Roberto Alejandro Sanchez be and is hereby found to be in contempt of the Court's prior temporary orders that among other things restrained the parties from communicating as an offensive manner and from making disparaging remarks regarding the opposing party. The Court hereby orders that Mr. Sanchez be confieed for a period of 3 months in the Cameron County Joil however, the court will suspend the same and place Mr. Sanchez under the Court's supervision for 3 months. Further, the court orders that Mr. Sanchez become current with his other monetary responsiblities under the Temporary Orders wthin 14 days. Mr. Sanchez is also ordered to pay attorney fees in the amount of $500 directly to attorney Valery Garcia. Parties ordered to attend mediation within 30 days and Final Hearing 4/25/16 @ 9:00 a.m. Older child to continue therapy under Dr. Villanueva's care. Xochitl Llamas appointed as Facilitator Visitation to start supervised by Ms. Llamas. Orders pertaining to this hearing to be submitted. REDC/sm "

The good news is Sanchez got supervised visitation back. There has to be healing for the kids - no matter how bad it is between the parents. But based on the letter Sanchez posted on Juanito's blog, it does not seem to be that Sanchez gets this.

Robert Sanchez is toxic and fails to understand that Montoya does not care if he destroys Sanchez so long as he gets beer money.  It is clear Ernesto Gamez has no control over Sanchez. 
For all practical purpose in 2012, we did not have a truly contested Democratic presidential race.  As of yesterday, 16,748 people voted in the Democratic primary.  This is up from 13,948, in 2012.  Not much of a spike but still a spike.  State wide spikes are being reported.
I cannot find the 2012, numbers, but in this Primary only 5,235 Republicans voted.  This does not bode well for any Republican to win county wide office. 
The DA race appears too close to call.  I will be damned if I can find anyone voting for Saenz, but I know the power of being the incumbent.  So the race is anyone's case.  In fact I know of people who have complained to friends for tagging pro Saenz campaign material to their FB page. 
But with such a small number of Republicans voting even with people like me prepared to vote for Jeremy SoRelle in the event Saenz wins, those of us changing party for that one race will never be enough to allow for a Republican win.
PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE - I got on someone yesterday who bad mouths Saenz 24/7, and guess what?  He did not vote and will not vote on Tuesday.  He said he did not know Saenz had an opponent.
You have to vote.  There is an organization by the name of E3 pushing the vote.  Their volunteers are barred from pushing for anyone in particular.  Their mission is to solely push people to vote.
But if you have been bad mouthing Saenz and did not vote early - you are the problem.  Get you arse out on Tuesday and take your lazy arse friends with you.
A Masso wins shakes up Cameron county - Let's shake this town on Tuesday

Friday, February 26, 2016


I need to eat something first.  But basically, he controls the money which means he controls anyone who wants access to it.  He is a very successful businessman who can balance many entities and not be played, while helping many entities which help the people.  He is going to make Brownsville a better place.  I think he will also make United Brownsville better - it's called balance.  They want the money so they have to listen.  Control is not do as I say - it is prove you are using the money to accomplish the mission of OP1033, which is his baby and not Carlos Marin's such as the lying social media is reporting. 

While eating breakfast I thought, yea the term local yokel may not be helpful, but decided it is - so I am keeping it.


I have said this so many times, once you get out of Brownsville, reality changes - in fact there is a reality.  People are different - in many cases actually honest and try to do their best.

I have spoken to many sources and Mike is going to work with United Brownsville.  But it is at a substantive level.  In fact I think he will probably make them a real functioning entity which works for Brownsville.  Yes, Imagine Brownsville was a million dollar rip-off.  United Brownsville has been a failure because its budget allows it to exist in name only.  It has accomplished nothing because it has no money.  What they tell you on their web page is all hype.


If Mike wants to help the UB meetings is where he can go and listen to their needs, and if those needs comport with his mission and they can prove the money will be used for something which comports with his mission, they will get the money.  This is what I mean by control.  Mike has learned enough, that regardless with whom he works, he must make sure they are working towards his mission, and have a game plan to use the money in a way which accomplishes his mission.

By having access to all of these entities his mission may become a bit more fluid as he learns the specific needs of the community.  So in the end because I know he is not just going to start writing large checks without proof the entity will move forward on his mission, and they know how to move forward on his mission, I am fine with Mike working with UB.  UB wants the money and Mike is the only one offering it up.  Mike will make UB into a more effective entity.  If they fight him and say their way or the highway, Mike will leave them.  All of my sources have been clear he is going to insure his money is used for the betterment of Brownsville, Further nothing under UB rules requires he give them the money. While he sits and listens he can decide to write a check directly to TSC for a grant writer, for example.  But he will have learned of the need by being at the UB meeting. 


Mike is not Brownsville.  He made his millions in Dallas where you succeed on hard work.  He is not part of the small minded local yokels who cannot think beyond their own narrow minded agenda.  Mike has a global agenda for Brownsville and I believe he will unite competing forces towards that end.

While I have never met Mike, many sources are telling me his is a listener.  This is why I think parts of his mission may become fluid to make it easier to work with competing entities.

Whether we like it or not UB has most of the entities at one meeting.  They want the money.  Mike has the money.  If they want they money they are going to have to change.  This is all good.

So instead of continuing with the lies, how about social media leave their bars or big chairs and seek out people who have met and worked with Mike, such as I have and print the truth.

As to Jose Angel Mike knows Jose Angel knows how to work with community entities.  They have a successful history on this level.  Does it not make perfect sense that his man on the ground is someone with whom he has a successful history?



Do not get bored with this video - the end is very, very funny and heart warming.  And when in life you think you can take no more, think of these kids and the end of the video.

I posted this song because the extended family member who posted it just had her daughter survive cancer for the second time.

My sister is scheduled for her second cancer surgery at the end of March. It is being delayed because her husband's cancer surgery was a lot more complicated. The doctors sent him home too soon and he ended up back in the hospital. He is doing better. He should be home by next week and I hope my sister will allow me to help by running errands and such while I am there.

With her own cancer surgery coming up I can tell you from speaking with her trying to care for her husband post cancer surgery is impossible. Those few days at home before being returned to the hospital she never got more than an hour sleep.

Us Wightmans may be stubborn and hard sometimes, but that is what gets us through the hard times. Giving up is never an option. My sister is one incredibly strong person. If she will let me, I am looking forward to being her gofor. I did it several years when I spent that first week she was out of the hospital with lung cancer.

A funny story - so I have to tell it. When she was on the tread mill and threw up all over me, I laughed and said you never ever get to complain again about changing our diapers when we were younger. We are now even. I got her off the treadmill, clean myself, then cleaned her, and then cleaned the treadmill and the floor. Embracing reality and then laughing about it is all you have. Trust me each time it makes you stronger.


In dealing with my dying brother, at that very moment I am convinced I am too weak to keep going on helping him, someone will post the next post and it reminds me who I am and what I told the VA therapist the day I really needed help in helping my brother.

I was told to selfishly put myself first - but you have to know yourself first - so in the end the advice was good - because being me is best described in the next post.  So by being me I am putting myself first - by being me. This being sick with the sinus and gastrointestinal infections is making it a lot harder - so I will go to the doctor to see if I can get an antibiotic and then work through the night on my brother's issue. 

I need to not be sick while in NY next week.  So you do what you have to do.

Thursday, February 25, 2016


I did not want to respond until I saw the report on News 5.  I also needed to do some research.  Also today I have had contractors in all day doing estimates and signing contracts. 

The answer is simple.  The rates are not going down in Harlingen.  The city such as airlines buy on the open market electrical rates to last for a term certain.  Airlines  do it with jet fuel. The current term is up at the end of 2017.  The city, not the residents, negotiated a new contract which will lower the rates for city entities starting in 2018, not now.

Unlike Brownsville Harlingen does not have a Public Utility Board managing electricity, water, sewage and garbage for everyone covered by the BPUB.

The residents of Harlingen still have to shop around with any number of entities for their electricity and are not directly impacted by the deal the city of Harlingen negotiated for themselves.

I already did a story on the Brownsville issue.  The fuel surcharge for the BPUB based on current prices for oil should not exist at all.  In fact it is higher than when oil was nearly three times it costs today.  The fuel surcharge is an outright theft from the customers.  The city commission is fully aware of the problem and have decided to take no action.

Everyone knows I fully supported Tenaska because I think long term not short term.  But Tenaska by its own admission is not happening.  The price of oil is so low, Tenaska could not sell its share of the electricity it was going to generate.  Under the deal signed with the BPUB they do not have to build the plant until they sell their share of electricity.  So the question is, if Tenaska has already announced they are not moving forward, why are we still paying a higher rate for Tenaska?  Oh, there is an answer.

A side note, which does not bode well for Tenaska.  In the last few months, engineers at a major university have perfected like 6 " x 6" clear sheets which go over glass which act as solar energy panels.  I do not remember the name of the university, but it is a major university.  I did extensive research and the research is real.  Currently they are working on making larger sheets, and then developing it into commercial use.  If it works office buildings covered in glass will all be self sustaining in terms of solar energy.  The entire building will be one big solar panel.  In fact the prediction is, if cost can be brought down we will see it in residential construction first.  This reality will kill electrical generating plants, or at least the need for new plants.


The BPUB helps to fund the budget for the city of Brownsville.  The more the BPUB makes the more the city of Brownsville gets.  This is a backdoor tax which allows the city commission to tax us without a vote.

On the flip side, and I agree waste is a major problem within the COB, if they do not get the money from the BPUB, they are going to have to either cut services or go for a vote to raise taxes.  One way or the other the COB is going to gets its money.  It will get it from the BPUB, or through tax revenues.

There is no solution.  Sorry for the bad news.

Of course 4 city commissioners could vote to hire counsel to look into the purchase of Casa Del Nylon and the El Cid building thereby allowing the city to recover millions, but I can assure you Galonsky controls enough city commissions that, that is never going to happen.
In the past I represented a John Loza after his residency was challenged as a criminal violation by signing a form claiming residency where he allegedly did not live.  I know the law on this one - it is a joke and our esteemed legislature knows it.  The grand jury no billed John Loza.
In a case involving a primary which I believe will not make a difference in this case, Travis county appraisal district pulled the homestead exemption of a candidate claiming to live in Beaumont.  This is a valid issue if Ed is using his girl friend's address as his primary residence.
But as the above article makes clear the candidate was allowed to remain on the ballot in Beaumont.  The remedy is for the Cameron County Appraisal District to decide if for candidate residency he can claim a different residence from his Homestead.
I have written on this non law of residency for years.  I learned in the John Loza case, duel residency for any number of reasons in Texas is a joke.  It is well past the time for the legislature to fix this problem.
When you do a legal review of the issue, some candidates win and others lose.  One guy voted in Virginia and still one his election in Texas.
Whether the people consider this an issue is their decision not mine. 
This is not the first time Ed faced this issue.  He was on the fence for months considering a run for mayor.  It had been decided he would use his girl friends address.  I do not doubt he lives at his girl friend's house, and uses the other home for recreation purposes.  It is one thing to have a rental home or apartment outside the district, yet another to have a home you list as your Homestead.  The Homestead is more than taxes.
I am moving forward tomorrow or Monday on filing the final paperwork with the Texas Veterans Land Board.  They have approved me for enough money to do a new roof, pull all of the copper pipes out of the house, and upgrade the breaker box from, a 150 to a 200.  My AC will also be lifted off the slab by 6 inches because of ongoing problems with flooding.  I am down to Gloor Lumber doing their part on the three French doors which meet Zone 1 Windstorm compliance.  Sometime after I get back from NY I will be three days without water, but hey I have the pool.  They actually believe that may be able to have one of the bathrooms working after day one.
When a house is homesteaded you can have a billion dollar judgment against me and you cannot touch my home, unless it is for the type home improvements I have listed above.  In fact the TVLB is so serious about the matter, a mechanics lien is placed on my home in favor of the contractors before I even get the check.  It will be lifted after the contractors confirm they were paid the full amount agreed to. 
I have a rule and am not going to change it just because I support someone or do not.  Ed Rivera needs to give up his Homestead and be done with it, or pull out of the race.  It's funny when Cata Presas-Garcia played the same game Juanito was fine with it.  I was not fine then and am not fine now.
Do your job and fix this problem.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A reader asked about the BISD incident, and I decided I should make my response a free standing post.  Parents and pool employees do not seem to get pool safety.
"Thanks for our question. I read it last night. The basic rule is you do not comment on pending litigation or threatened litigation as a rule. So silence from BISD is not by itself unusual.

A pool is a dangerous place. Everyone knows when they come to my home, children may not be out back without the supervision of an adult. The children all know they go out back without an adult they will be permanently banned from my home.

A pool is not a joke. Many parents think I am too strict. Once I asked a quest to leave with their child because she was on my couch watching TV while her young child was in the pool unsupervised. She was not happy - not my problem.

It seems to me the family is saying they did not have the type supervision I have at my home. Bela's little brother is nuts. He is not even two and will just run right into the pool and go under. He thinks it is funny. Someone grabbed him twice, but that was it. He now must have a life vest on to even get out the door. This kid loves being under water. This summer we will get him where he can swim and float.

We just have to wait for this to play out in court, but the issue seems to be a lack of supervision. I am telling you by experience, you can have the parents in the pool with the kids and they still go under because the parents get distracted.

Bela was all excited she could walk out about two feet from the side and still have her head above water. She did not realize at the head of the steps it was deeper. With people right there sitting on the steps she stepped off and went under. Now she did not panic and came up, but I had a long hard conversation with everyone who was in the pool at the time.

I love having people over, but I hate that I have to be outside every second when there are kids over. When I am working in the kitchen I have two big windows which look over the pool and I can tell you, to enforce the rules I have to go out running before the problem develops. If a child takes off their life vest, they must come in the house - no exceptions.

Parents and pool workers really do not understand the danger a pool presents to children. It is up to the parents and pool workers to keep a strong eye on the children every second they are in the pool or around the pool.


First, I am off to bed.  I was doing better - but not today.  I am on three sinus medications and the infection is getting worse - so much for the surgery.  The gastrointestinal system is like a bombed out nuclear location. 

As to yesterday's post I appreciate all of the emails and texts.  It seems the substance of the story resonated with the people smarter than a pea.  But in the end it is up to Mike Hernandez where his organization ends up.  Nothing but his choice keeps him from making OP1033 a free standing organization in Brownsville with an employee or three, working with different entities which can prove they are working to accomplish his mission. 

This simple solution gives him access to everyone and everyone access to him.  He seems to want to do right by Brownsville - the challenge is how do you do that when what ever you do people will bitch.  The answer should be OP1033 needs to be a free standing entity with ties to no one, but his mission.

Okay off to bed. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


The party establishment are made super delegates so as to insure a non-establishment person cannot win. Hillary and the super delegates are stealing the election. It will be a cold day in hell before I vote for Hillary Clinton in November.   Since it is highly unlikely Texas will even be in play whether I vote or not will not matter because all of the electoral votes are going for the Republican nominee.  But even if on the long shot Texas is in play, I will still not vote for her.
Like I have said before, I would rather be late on the story and be right than rush and be wrong.  Erasmo Castro has never posted anything which was not stolen, or relied on the posts of others.  He could not research his own name and get it right.  His claims against Mike Hernandez are all pure bullshit and reflect his classic style - throw mud to appear he cares when in fact he has zero evidence to support his claims.

Now, I am still on the fence about Mike Hernandez, but not because I do not think he is a nice person.  I think he is.  The basic fundamental problem right now is, he started out by associating with some of the wrong people.  Second, the trash incompetent social media in Brownsville is trashing him even though they have done no research as to the truth or have access to anyone who would know.

I have been on the phone with a lot of people and actually had a 2 hour meeting with people who know Michael Hernandez.  I can tell you there is friction in his organization OP1033.  There is no unity.  There are forces which are slowly trying to move United Brownsville out of OP1033.  If Michael  Hernandez wants to succeed he better listen to the forces which are pushing against United Brownsville.

But here is the problem - here is a man who is from Brownsville who has made good and all he wants to do is give back. For this sin he is being trashed.  He is running a million dollar corporation and does not have time to micro manage what is happening on the ground in Brownsville.  He spoke with the people he knows in Brownsville and they sent him in the wrong direction.  Some people who are working with him are from Dallas and California and he trusts them because he has seen their community activism in Dallas an California.  Sorry guys, but you go with what you know works.

But in Brownsville he was dependent on the opinions of other people - I can assure you he is becoming aware of the fact he is going to fail if he does not reorganize his organization.


Instead of Social Media in Brownsville trashing a man they know nothing about and have never met, how about trying to offer him an alternative.  I was told he was trying to encourage young people to organize some type music festival.  I thought about this but forgot my idea before I raised it.  I will bet the farm we can get Mike Hernandez to help organize music festivals at the amphitheater in Lincoln Park.  We have local theater in Brownsville.  Mike just may be the person who can help us bring it to Lincoln Park.  How about the Lincoln Park groups try and access Mike Hernandez and see what he is willing to do to help them make Lincoln Park a more integral part of Brownsville?  Is this not the best way to permanently save Lincoln Park?

We have to give him an alternative to United Brownsville.  Trust me sooner than later he is going to have to decide to stay with United Brownsville and lose a lot of his support or dump United Brownsville. 

As to Carlos Marin -the man is nothing more than a stump waiting to fall over if directly confronted.  he is smart - be sure of that.  Do not under estimate his politics.  But his Achilles heal is insecurity which is why he will back candidates you would never think he would back.  He has lost control over city hall.  He cannot stand the idea of having no influence.  So he will back candidates who he thinks are most likely to win.  In many cases it may shock you.  He has been reduced to wanting to be relevant instead of being a real maker and mover.


I have heard the same story now from two different sources.  Mike Hernandez was at a meeting and doing what I think any responsible activist would do.  He was telling the young people to get involved and run for office.  That is all he did.  There was no directive for anyone to run for any particular office.  Betty Hockaday will tell you she chose Trey Mendez as her opponent just because he was the only one unopposed.  It was nothing personal.  I am supporting unequivocally Trey Mendez, but if Betty Hockaday runs a fair and honest election I can see her holding office in another capacity.  She might start thinking about BISD.  She has a strong interest in education. In fact she would do herself a favor by dropping out and working with those who want change at TSC to get support to put together a political machine now for the BISD election.

She knows what happened under the partnership between TSC and UTB.  She is one of its victims.  Trey Mendez was and is a leader for those victims.  This is what makes Betty's challenge odd. Trashing Betty does nothing to help Trey Mendez.  Trey Mendez is a gentleman and Betty Hockaday is a lady.  I feel confident both will run honest elections.  My fear is the filth and nonsense which might come from their respective supporters.

Betty, you get the education issue.  Look to BISD - make political connections now which can help you launch a successful BISD election.  Make the right friends now, not the wrong enemies.  Betty we met and you know I like you, but Trey earned his place at TSC in the war against U.T.  Take the time to find out if you pull out of TSC if machines will come together to back you for BISD.  You cannot win without machines.  You do not enter an election without a machine in place.  Jose Angel will tell you this is basic. 


I have not hidden my support for Dan Sanchez.  I do not deny such as Eddie Treviño he is at times ethically challenged.  But I know for a fact, Dan Sanchez is thinking globally for the county and region while Eddie Treviño is going to the small minded voter who wants bike trails.  I support the bike trails.  It will be a great day for Brownsville when they are all linked.

But traffic congestion is a problem.  The rail line needs to be a new road.  It will develop the Amigoland area which helps TSC.  I was in Houston when the area around loop 8 was all farm land.  People ranted and raved they did not want a toll road.  Today loop 8 is endless new development.  Billions have been invested and made.  Tax revenues went through the ceiling.  Eddie Treviño thinks you plan for new roads the day before construction.  It can take 5 years or longer from the commitment to the idea to bring it to fruition.  We have to plan today for tomorrow.


The area around the port and the new toll road are the natural area for manufacturing development.  This is what the Port election is about.  I grow so bored with these same people who are claiming Ed Rivera is part of some big Mike Hernandez conspiracy and then bitch and complain the Port is a failure.  The anti Ed Rivera people want to keep the same people on the Port who have failed to develop it.  They want to complain that the Port still taxes us, but then oppose anyone who wants to bring change.  If you are listening to these voices you are the problem. Ed made mistakes in his unequivocal support of Lily Tecero. These last few years were impossible for Lily Tecero and TSC Board.  I have no hard feelings towards any of the TSC board members.  Ed's background is made more for the Port than TSC.

You know, I have friends I do not support politically.  But we are friends because friends can agree to disagree. 

Dan Sanchez has already committed to work with TSC or anyone else to find the money to build a work force training center.  I believe with Dan Sanchez and people like Trey Mendez working on the issue, we will have a work force training center which will train our workers in robotics manufacturing. This is an area where Mike Hernandez can help.  he can hire a top of the line grant writer to help TSC get the money for the workforce center.  He does not have to go through United Brownsville.  With Ed Rivera working towards making the Port more manufacturing friendly we can become a center of manufacturing.  Mike Hernandez can make all of this happen if he just works with the right people.


I am told Mike Hernandez is upset with social media and is reading it.  First of all Mike - our readership is small compared to the total Brownsville population.  People who vote do not consider the words of vulgar pigs.  Everyone in town knows Montoya is a pathological liar.  Erasmo Castro is a joke with no support other than in his head.  You will see that on election night as Amber Medina crushes him. If on the off chance he wins, a decision has already been made to reinstate his felony conviction and he will be dead politically in Brownsville, and removed from office.

BUT, Mike heed my words - consider who is really trying to help you give back to Brownsville (which many people believe is your true goal) and who is using you for your money.  There is nothing wrong with faith - Jesuits are faith based and as Pope Francis has proven are all about the people.  Stay focused on the people  and you will win us over.  You need to define what you mean by faith based, because in today's politics it can be viewed as an improper invasion in our lives.

But ignore us and believe the lies and deception of United Brownsville and you will be throwing your money away.  There are good people in this town who want to work with you.  The choice is yours.

Monday, February 22, 2016



To answer a readers question Jose Angel Gutierrez and Carlos Marin are on the Board of Directors for OP1033.  If you read the Mission Statement they are Faith based.  This goes against everything I know about Jose Angel Gutierrez - so it gets very confusing.  Also I do not want any Faith based group involved in choosing candidates for Brownsville.  I have no objection with faith - but I do not one person's sense of faith deciding our future.  We are not a theocracy.

I was tired when I wrote this piece - in fact I have been exhausted all day.  Just a bad day which is how I think I accidently signed a pledge to OP1033, when I did not intend to.  This post is making the correction to Hernandez, and removing a reference to a Mike Gonzalez.  I am just tired.  When I woke up from a long nap I had texts and posts pointing out the mistake.  Sorry guys.  The 2005, letter I was referencing I cannot seem to now find so that part of the post is being removed.  Everything else is verified.


I do not play the game of guilt by association, or the bogyman game. I have no real idea who this guy is. I am reading conflicting information.  He is from Brownsville and made good in Dallas.  Now he wants to give back to Brownsville.  This is all good. 

But this is where the story gets real muddy.  I know for a fact - I've seen it with my own eyes - the Sanchez family is part of this group.  Mike Gonzalez edited out of original post for mistakes.

Did I miss part of the story. Since when has Sanchez been aligned with Carlos Marin and United Brownsville? 

But the story is Mike Hernandez is a distant cousin of the Sanchez clan and was introduced to the players in Brownsville by the Sanchez family. I know this because I met Jorge Sanchez, and because it is on the OP1033 page - see above link.

Guys we can take one of two approaches.  Find a way to educate this guy he is in bed with bad people and try and get him to start with new people, or we can just trash him and force him to keep alliance with the people we know want to cheat Brownsville.

I am reserving judgment until I can know for sure - will he listen or will he go down with the Carlos Marin's ship? 

I am a strong Bernie Sanders supporter, but the mixing of the Bernie Sanders campaign with OP1033 is a huge mistake.  But understand people, the local office is about 10 personnel down from Bernie Sanders himself.  He needed someone in Cameron county and went with the advice of people claiming to know who would serve him best.  But I am 100% certain Bernie Sanders would not like the linking of the two.


While over at Bernie Sanders Headquarters I think I accidently signed a pledge to OP1033.  I assumed I was handed a pledge for Bernie Sanders.  But then I realized I was given an OP1033 T-shirt.  I exchanged it for a Bernie Sanders t-shirt only.  Lesson -  fully read what they give you before you sign it.  Also sign nothing while you are falling asleep.

I am working on getting to the truth.  No sacred cows - just the truth.

But know this, I will back Trey Mendez all the way.  His opponent told me she has supported Bernie Sanders since 2006, when she saw a speech of his.  She claims it is by chance that OP1033 is involved in the Sanders campaign building and is not accepting funding from them or has not even asked for any campaign money.  The campaign finance reports will tell the truth.

While I believe it is best we have competition in elections, even when my candidate is being challenged, it is not politically savvy to be working on a presidential election while running for public office.  Running against Trey Mendez is going to turn people off from Bernie Sanders.  You have to choose one or the other. 

I intend to give Trey Mendez and Bernie Sanders everything I have.  Trey Mendez's opponents needs to choose - Bernie Sanders or her own campaign.  But challenging Trey Mendez as a Bernie Sander's campaign worker only serves to hurt Bernie Sanders. 

I will also say given Trey's true stand with the people, he is by actions a Bernie Sanders type person.

As early as today President Obama could nominate the next Justice to the Supreme Court.  A majority of Republicans and Democrats now support a vote on the nominee, but not enough to pass that 60 mark which Mitch McConnell may demand before there is a vote.  If Obama and the Democrats play their cards right enough Republicans will fold to allow for a vote and a confirmation, albeit by a slim margin.

Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar, was born in Matamoros, and attended Catholic school in Brownsville until age 14, when his family moved to California. He received his undergraduate from Harvard, and law degree from Yale, and then a PhD in Political Science from Stanford.

“He’s a brilliant guy,” says Samuel Bagenstos, a law professor at the University of Michigan who knows Cuellar. “He’d be the justice with the most wide-ranging intellect since William O. Douglas.”


By a unanimous bi-partisan vote he was voted on to the California Supreme Court.  He has extensive government experience along with dealing policy issues concerning international security. 

There are about 33 Mexican Americans in the U.S. and only about 2 million Cuban Americans.  Ted Cruz will find himself in a major challenge for reelection as a Texas Senator if he stands in the way of the nomination of Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar.

There are a lot of Republican Senators on the November election in close elections.  Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar would be a smart nomination.

But then the nomination belongs to President Obama.  The Mexican American community is still made over Obama's failure with the "Dream Act."  Obama like so many others think we are all the same.  We are not.  The Latino is diverse in their politics as they are in their Spanish dialects.

Central Americans tend to be Independents along with new other Latino immigrants.  The old guard Cubans tend to be Republicans.  The Puerto Ricans tend to be Democrats, along with the old guard Mexican Americans.

Pitting the Republicans against Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar could insure the Democrats take the Senate and the White House

McHale uses misogynistic vulgar language to describe Julieta Garcia for her part in the failed UTB/TSC partnership, but when it comes to Rene Oliviera and the theft of millions from TSC he orchestrated McHale calls Oliviera a hero.

The notion his time in Austin gives us power defies reality.  In key legislation he has introduced he could not even get his Republican friends to support his overt support for the insurance industry.


TSC was cheated out of millions of dollars in rent because when Rene Oliviera wrote the legislation creating the partnership it provided UT only had to pay rent provided for in the State budget.  Then he did nothing for years to insure the rent was included in the budget - hence TSC was never paid.

According to McHale this is the type long term power in Austin which serves TSC and Brownsville

During the last legislative session Rene Oliviera promised to back legislation bringing a job creation center to TSC - he did not even show when the Bill was read.  He sat and did nothing.


When Rene tried at the behest of his clients to try and introduce legislation protecting his HMO clients from suit for malpractice not even his Republican movidas would come  his aid.

You cannot keep on complaining about how bad things are and then keep on voting for the same people - it is that simple. 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

I like this for two reasons.  One, I like the substantive message.  Two, although I understand the substantive message and am willing to pass it on, I can say I have no use for the term inferiors.  I think it would be better said "as those the man perceives as his inferiors."  I'm not quite sure someone who believes in inferiors will ever understand true equality.

To get my endorsement you do not have to agree with me.  I am looking for people who can work together and then maybe they can work out the kinks.  TSC is in a rebirth.  But it is time they move forward.

The TCS candidates need to approach the County Judge candidates and the city to see what help they can provide to immediately start construction on a robotics manufacturing training facility.  I do not want to hear a word about jobs creation unless the person has an idea of where the money is going to come from for such a facility.

I do not understand how there are millions in tax abatements and financial incentives to bring small time employers to Brownsville, but not a penny of county or city money to build a job training facility.

We are a town of incredible potential.  We just need to learn to harness that potential.

As the bitching and complaining about the Casa del Nylon continues, our inept city commission refused a vote to hire independent counsel to try and reverse the con job, or to find alternative uses for the building.

The customs problems with filling it with Mexican vendors selling their souvenirs is not insurmountable.  What appears to be insurmountable is the incompetence of the leadership at city hall.  One good man cannot move the insurmountable.

If we want to move forward we must back candidates who can work together, while respecting each other when they disagree.

The late Associate Justice Antonin Scalia explained how it was he could have such a great friendship with liberals like Elena Kagan and Ruth Bader Ginsburg when they threw such seething dissents at one another. He said if you cannot handle disagreement with friends you are in the wrong business when you are a judge or a lawyer.   Justice Scalia and I agreed on very little.  But I loved the fact he was so friendly with all of his peers and could go out to the opera with Ruth Bader Ginsburg right after they exchanged harsh differing opinions on the constitution.  This is what we need locally.

I believe Ruben Herrera and Trey Mendez will bring this to the TSC Board, which means they may not always agree and may at times have different agendas.  But the fact they can go for cocktails afterword's means a lot to me.  The United Brownsville candidates do not seem to understand this simple concept and must be opposed with every bit of force we can muster.

I have been to enough Broadway production weddings in NY to know what a bad wedding looks like.  When the guests are all talking about everything but the bride and groom, no amount of food or liquor will change the fact your wedding lacks intimacy.
From square one this wedding was real.  I was running late and thought - "they are not going to let me in 2 minutes to 5."  Well real people are late so I was actually a bit early.  It started with Denise's father welcoming Jesse to the family as his son.  I have never seen any father in law do that before the vows.  It set the tone for the wedding and made it very, very intimate.  Every aspect of the service was very intimate.  You were not surrounded by a Broadway production which takes away from the bride and groom.  The decorations on the chairs were perfect.  In fact the best invitation to a wedding I have ever seen was this one.  I hate opening invitations with endless filling and envelopes inside.
The bride being secure in her own beauty had her bridesmaids wear beautiful gowns.  I hate when the bridesmaids have to wear clown outfits because the bride is afraid she will not shine on her own.  Denise owned the room. Her own beauty and gown stole the show.
The reception was the coolest reception I have ever been to.  Years ago I went to a NJ wedding where the bride's father was a millionaire and he paid for a millionaire's daughter's wedding.  But you know what I have not one memory of the bride or groom.  I remember the beauty of the 4 grandmothers walking down the isle together. A very rare event.  I remember the Rabbi giving the service in Hebrew, English and Spanish.  I remember the Rabbi explaining how marriage was a contract and the legal history behind marriage in Hebrew law.
I remember a cocktail hour which everyone thought was a stand up dinner because there was roast beef, rib-eyes, salmon steaks and on and on, with an open bar of top shelf.  We could not believe when we were asked to enter a dinning room for a formal dinner.  We were all full.
I remember nothing about the groom or bride.  Not a thing.  The Broadway production was so big the bride and groom were buried in the production not to be remembered.
But last night at every turn the focus was on the bride and groom, so that is what I remember.  We all laughed when Denise could not get the ring on Jesse's finger.  I am thinking he must have been eating some salty snacks before hand.  He has a bad knuckle.
Denise's very young son was the ring bearer.  He walk up to the alter in his very tiny tux, stood next to his future step dad, and performed like a pro.  The last I checked a wedding is about family, not a Broadway production.  Jesse's youngest daughter was the flower girl.  It was awesome watching this beautiful blended family come together.
The reception was at the Party Place off of Morningside.  It was nice.  What I really liked and have never seen before is, instead of making the kids eat something they were not going to eat, the servers brought out pizza, chips and juice boxes for the kids before dinner was served for the adults.  Again the focus was on family. 
I know so many of you have these big wedding Broadway productions in your head.  But if you want your friends and family to remember you and your groom and have a good time, do the perfect wedding instead of the Broadway production wedding.  This was a lovely and perfect wedding.


I find by being myself I end up surrounding myself with other people who are themselves.  People always trying to be someone other than themselves never find true happiness. 

I hate when people apologize for not having perfect kids.  How sad and unexciting life must be for parents with perfect kids.  Well until their kid's picture ends up on the front page as a serial killer.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

The planet is so amazingly beautiful.  I have been blessed with not only having been in all of the lower 48 states, but also a lot of the world.  The Mexican situation is so tragic, because Mexico is endless beauty if you can accept the true meaning of beauty.  My first composition in English at UTEP was a compare and contrast.  I was missing the Fall colors of NY and having a hard time appreciating the El Paso semi-arid desert.  My teacher wrote on my essay, wait until you see a cactus blossom.  Boy was she right.  That day I fell in love with the desert.
The above picture is actually not lava.  In February the sun hits the Yosemite waterfall just a certain way to create this image.  I have not seen this, but I have seen the waterfall and it is magnificent.
I feel bad for the children whose parents do not have the time or money to take a month and drive the country.  We would go for a month from NY to California along the northern route, and return along the southern route.  The beauty never ends.  When I was younger and lived just outside Salt Lake, daddy would drive to Nevada and California all of the time with the 7 of us in tow.  Hell one time he and mom drove us to Brownsville - 62' - we spent a week with my sister and brother in law - Caroline and Danny Montes - and then flew Pan Am to Nicaragua for another week. 
You know it is not always about having the money.  We slept under the stars, or if it rained under the truck.  Every so often we got luck and slept in a hotel bed. 
But enjoy the picture.  Even if you only have two weeks - and you can afford it - fly into Denver and drive north to the Dakotas and then cross over the California and then back to Colorado via Nevada.  Your kids will see a lot.
This week my brother took the ferry across the Long Island Sound to Rhode Island and is showing his grandkids the beauty of New England along the Long Island Sound.  The ferry was important because that is how the indigenous people went back on forth between the New England coast and Long Island - except in canoes.  No history book can teach you this.  No history book can teach you about the whaling industry as you go on the old whaling boats and into the museums.  No history book can teach you the reality of the first settlements.  Many of the ruins are still there.  It gives you a real sense of how the post Columbus settlers lived in the early days.

I did not approve the comment just posted because the online system only allows me to confirm the lawsuit, not the amount.
DefendantMontoya, Juan
  Brownsville, TX 78521
PlaintiffSossi, MarkMARK E SOSSI
  Brownsville, TX 78522

02/12/2016  Original Petition (OCA)
Plaintiff's Original Petition
02/12/2016  Efiled Original Petition Document
Plaintiff's Original Petition
02/12/2016  Citation Issued
Sossi, MarkUnserved
02/12/2016  Exhibits
Exhibit A
02/12/2016  Clerks Journal
Citation PU by Billy -BL

The issue is not money, so the amount sued for is meaningless. But if Sossi were to hire competent counsel he could bring in Alex Begum as the funding behind what Begum knows to be endless defamation per se.  Numerous candidates whose ads appear on Montoya's page have complained that they were placed their by Alex Begum without their consent.  Alex Begum is the money behind Montoya and without Begum Montoya would not be running his business.

All Google requires is the judge issue a partial summary judgment finding defamation and Google will permanently ban Montoya from BlogSpot. 

It blows my mind that anyone ever quotes Montoya but then idiots run this town so where is the surprise?  I have no idea if Montoya's claims which Sossi appears to be claiming are false are in fact false.  If they are true, Sossi will have hung himself, but if they are false it will not take much legal research to add Alex Begum to the lawsuit.

Further, every candidate on his page better demand proof of the claims or suffer at the polls. 

Montoya needs to put up or be shut down.  If he has the proof - let it fly and let the axe fall where it falls.  But given Montoya's penchant as a pathological liar, Sossi for partial summary judgment purposes should be able to produce a good 20 or so affidavits of Montoya's victims claiming defamation with proof of the lies.

If experience teaches us anything from the last rounds, he will get a DWI after he is served.  I wonder if Ben Neece will cross Sossi and run cover for Montoya again?  There will be no getting around the felony charge this time. 

Let's be clear, everyone running an ad on his page supports his endless defamation, and drinking problem.  They are so desperate for power they will give Montoya the money he needs for his beer.  They do not care one bit about his children and the danger their money not only puts Montoya in, but anyone on the road if he is drinking and driving. 

But if Montoya can prove his claims, Sossi is toast and only made his life more difficult.

I cannot get it to post in a clean way - just google Sossi Suicide and you will see a summary of the article Montoya took down. 

The following post has been removed by Montoya.  If the claims were true, why remove the post?
Alex, my contract paralegal rate is $250 an hour- I figure 20 hours to help you set up a preemptive defense to avoid being tied into the litigation.  You see Alex I can typically do in 15 minutes of research what takes an associate all day.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Why did Saenz take down the list of his fundraisers on the eve of his nephew's bogus plea bargain in Judge Laura Betancourt's court?  Notice the last entry.  Fundraiser by Lari Betancourt.

Judge Betancourt after granting Ed Cyganiewicz an ex part continuance to avoid again proceeding on the motion to adjudicate dismissed the Motion to Adjudicate the same say she accepted the Plea Bargain on the new DWI charge. 
02/08/2016  Journal Entry
Ed Cyganiewicz, Special Prosecutor, contacted the court and requested a one week continuance on this case. He will be out of town. Case reset for Motion to Adjudicate on Feb. 18, 2016
02/11/2016  CANCELED   Motion to Adjudicate  (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Betancourt, Laura L.)

Calling the court and asking for a continuance is an ex parte and a violation of the rules of professional conduct for both lawyers and judges.

I was in court twice as Laura Betancourt allowed Ed Cyganiewicz to allow the DPS officer to leave before he could testify on the Motion to Adjudicate.  I have no idea who is paying the drunk on this issue, but Noe Garza lied about the Motion to Adjudicate not being timely filed.  The court documents prove the motion to Adjudicate on the previous charge was filed before the date claimed by Noe Garza.

The FBI needs to put Lari and Laura Betancourt in a small room and get to the truth.  Why did she do this favor for Saenz?  The post Saenz took down from his FB page proves the Betancourt loyalties to Saenz.  In the end justice was denied again and Victor Garcia got another pass.

Here is the BV story with the court documents which show when the Motion to Adjudicate the older charge was filed.  It was not filed late.  All one has to do is look to the file marks to know the truth.  But we know money buys beer so lies will fly to protect Betancourt.

This con job on the people should not be lost on the people the next time Laura Betancourt is up for reelection.  The fundraiser list is what I did not have this morning.  Like I said - until I see it I do not believe it.

If Saenz and Betancourt had nothing to hide, why take it down?