Saturday, January 9, 2016

The presidential election is going to make it nearly impossible for a Republican to win in 2016, in Cameron county.  But the indictment of Yzagurre could get enough Independents to vote Republican.  Although I am basically to the left of the Democratic Party, if Saenz wins the primary I will cross party lines and vote for Republican Jeremy SoRelle. 
I would hope if Saenz wins the primary Masso will ask his supporters to vote for SoRelle.  If he does not then he is saying, he has no problem with Saenz remaining DA, which then raises the question why all of the badmouthing?

There is a lot of interesting politics to develop.  If John Chambers wins a new trial at the trial level, it could cause Saenz problems which means Victor Cortez will face problems.

The key to November is for the Republican candidates to distance themselves from the National Republican Party and make their campaign only about Cameron county.  This could move enough Independents to overcome the straight ticket voting Democrats.

A lot can happen between now and November.  After the primaries if Masso loses, Masso coming out swinging that Saenz has to go and endorsing SoRelle could be just what it takes to move enough votes Republican.  All Masso has to do is say - this election is about what is best for Cameron County and not Party loyalty. Has not Party loyalty delivered enough corrupt elected Democrats?  If you want to change the Democratic Party and make it better, then when an honest Republican runs you need to be willing to consider that Republican as a way of sending a message to the Democrats - clean house or else.

But it is also in the hands of the Republicans - they must convince people they are running for Cameron county and not the National Agenda of the Republican Party.  And none of them sure as hell should be tied to any presidential candidate seeking the Republican nomination.


Anonymous said...

Bobby, how do you see the Democratic Party Chair election?

BobbyWC said...

Gilbert Hinojosa could end it today by removing Castro by claiming he has a felony conviction. Castro would sue and quickly learn the order voiding his felony conviction is void. I have previously published that research.

But Gilbert Hinojosa does not have what it takes.

Amber Medina can file a lawsuit challenging Castro on the alleged felony conviction. I am certain as day she would win and thereby be the only one on the ballot. I do not like Amber - but will vote for her nonetheless.

The problem is, people advising Amber are telling her it will make her look bad and cost her the election. Well if Castro is removed from the ballot, she wins anyway.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Oh, they tried.