Sunday, January 17, 2016


Well the heavy wind took down nearly 40' of fence.  I knew it was going to happen which is why I already had the new posts and cement.  I just did not have the time.  I cannot dig since I cannot breath so I had to wait for my roommate's schedule to open up.  I did the light work and he did the heavy work.

I am grateful to the Mexican national who stopped to help me better tie down the three new 16' 2x4's I had to buy.  My truck is not made to carry 16' boards.

On Tuesday, we will  finish.  The cement has to finish drying.  A house is not a mortgage.  I tell people for the long run $500 a month has to be saved for household projects over the mortgage and this is over the BPUB bill.  I save every month for that roof I know I will need one day.  I will have the cash when the time comes.  The good news is, I love projects.

The house next door has been in the remodeling stage for two months and I was surprised to see how tall the lawn was.


Anonymous said...

"I am grateful to the Mexican national who stopped to help me . . . "

Why not say, "I am grateful to the gentleman who stopped to help me . . ."? Did you asked for a green card? Perhaps, you are trying to suggest that people regardless of nationality can be helpful to one and other in our community?

It really is not a big deal. However, it does leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth when you first read your statement. Sorry about your fence falling down but glad that you found a kind person who was willing to help you.

BobbyWC said...

your point is very well taken. I just grow tired of all of the anti-Mexican national BS postings on social media. That is the only reason I made the reference.

Also if you know me I love to talk. So why he was helping me to better tie down the wood we spoke. He is from a small village near Victoria and works on some land off of Browne and spends part of his year in Mexico.

I was so grateful I felt bad I only had $10 in my wallet, but I gave him what I had. An accident would have cost me a lot more, plus it was very unsafe.

Bobby WC