Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Of course the prosecution of Tony Yzaguirre is political.  When it comes to elected officials who to prosecute and who not to prosecute is always political.  BUT, just because the decision to prosecute is political. does not mean someone is not guilty.


The LRGV is a cesspool of corruption.  For decades DPS, the FBI, DOJ, Texas AG,  the Texas Rangers, and DA, all ignored and in many cases encouraged the corruption.  We are now in a very dangerous place because what is coming is more small time prosecutions, while criminals like Luis Saenz walk for his willingness to participate in this con by DPS, the FBI, DOJ, Texas AG,  and the Texas Rangers.


They continue to refuse to comply with the order of Texas AG Ken Paxton to release the accident report on Luis Saenz's nephew Victor Garcia.  I know for a fact because it came out in court, he blew a .3 alcohol level.  Depending on the injuries of the victims in the other car the charge may be a felony. 

AG Ken Paxton is going to take no action over DPS's refusal to comply with his order.  Today I will put in the mail to the FBI and DOJ in Washington overseeing the special task force in the LRGV a request for the indictment of Jose Rodriguez, Regional Commander for DPS in our area. 

The state has announced ready and in fact announced all discovery had been given to Victor Garcia's counsel, but yet DPS says the information cannot be released because there is a pending investigation.  Why?  Because they are running for Luis Saenz so long as he plays along with their wrongdoing.

When the DA in Travis County was arrested for DWI the video was all over the Internet the next day.  The same happened with Pat Ahumada. So why is it the video of Victor Garcia is protected from disclosure?

There is no question period - the DOJ and FBI went to Saenz and told him to not prosecute Oscar de la Fuente.  This is the exact opposite of what they represented to the jury in the Villalobos trial.  If Saenz were to go public with this Villalobos would get a new trial and possibly just walk free.  If his ex wife were willing to spend her precious money Villalobos could get a habeas corpus hearing and walk free.  She called me actually demanding I throw my source under the bus.  She was rude and conducted herself like an ill mannered spoiled child.  No one is going to work with a woman like that.

When law enforcement uses a criminal to do their dirty work so it appears they are doing something to the end the corruption, we are in a lot of trouble. 

Yzaguirre's lawyers need to by pass all law enforcement in Texas whether state or federal. get to Washington and sue the DOJ and FBI and ask the court to appoint special prosecutors to investigate both for their role in the Saenz affair, and you watch how fast things change.

Until then everyone is subject to indictment with or without evidence.

Jose Rodriguez who heads up DPS for the LRGV needs to be indicted for his role in this mess - such an indictment would be meaningful and would finally result in real change.  But so long as Jose Rodriquez is willing to run cover for Luis Saenz, Saenz will be allowed to work his selective prosecution, and criminal enterprise without anyone willing to stop him.

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