Wednesday, January 20, 2016


So I have waited months for their 18 months of no interest,  I have been wanting to install 2 Energy Efficient French doors going to the pool deck to replace 36 year old sliding glass doors.

I am given a quote of $1996.00, but that I have to go back to speak with a certain person to finalize the deal.  In the mean time the installer is sent at a fee of $35.00 to makes sure the doors can be installed.

On Monday morning the person in charge of doors and windows calls me to set up a specific time to meet with her to finalize the deal.  I get there on time and am told she went to lunch and to run some errands.  No one could tell me when she would be back.

The assistant store manager was like "our employees need their lunch breaks" - not at a time they set for an appointment with a customer.

I cancelled the deal and forced them to refund the $35.

I called corporate to complain and about three hours later the store manage calls me and says her staff has everything ready all I need to do it come in and sign it.  I told her what part of me telling corporate I had no interest in doing business with Lowes did you not understand.?

She also told me the final price would be $2,700.  When I asked why the price went up she said the City of Brownsville charges $300 per door for a permit.  Not being a total moron I called the city yesterday and it was not the first time they have received complaints about Lowes over charging for the permits.  The permit fee is $50 for both doors.  I called back to corporate and they told me that I need to understand how hard it is to hire qualified people in Brownsville.

He finally fessed up that the permit fee is $50, but that they add in $250 per door for an engineer to inspect the installation - this is over the $350 per door you pay the installer.  Texas Windstorm requires an inspection or your Windstorm insurance can be cancelled or a penalty of $250 a year is added onto your insurance.  I learned the latter from my insurance company.

I just spoke with Texas Windstorm and they told me they do not charge for the inspection and that after the door is installed to just make an appointment and they will certify the door for free.  Lowes does not tell you this.

But they also went on to tell me that I should get a ton of information about the door and send it to them because Lowes sells doors which cannot pass inspection.  I was told the door I chose is not an impact door which requires hurricane shutters be built to cover the doors.  The installer and Lowes told me nothing about this.  I would have learned it when the engineer refused to certify the door.  The installer told me after the door was installed all I had to do was paint a small piece of wood and that is it.  There was no mention that I had to either buy or build hurricane shutters.

It does not end their, Texas Windstorm based on the door specks will tell you the brand and style of lock you need on the door.  Lowes tells you nothing about this.

I cut my Lowes card in half and never, ever will return.

Guys I got a lot on my plate - I have several stories which need development.  Hopefully by tomorrow I can get back to blogging.

It is sad the State of Texas makes it so hard and expensive to add energy efficient doors and windows to you home.

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Anonymous said...

Go to Home Depot near Academy ask for the store Manager Lisa. She will make sure all is done right without padding the cost.