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In response to my claims that Saenz's nephew is getting special consideration from Ed Cyganiwiez and Judge Laura Betancourt, Juanito was compelled to do a story falsely accusing my nephew of dismissing his lawsuit because he had no case, or fear of an insurance fraud investigation - true to form he fails to mention the case settled and my nephew was in fact paid exactly what he wanted, $3000 - see graphic below.

Not satisfied with one verifiable lie, he goes on to outright lie to protect DA Saenz's nephew, Victor Garcia [note - neither Masso nor Saenz will give Juanito the time of day which means no beer money - through several stories you find him coming to Saenz's defense in hopes Saenz will return to the fold and start funding Juanito's alcoholism again]

He posted the following:

"  Ed  Cyganiewic who filed the motion after Garcia's probationary period for the first offense (on deferred adjudication) had lapsed. Even if Betancourt wanted to, she could not rule on something that had been filed after that period. The court simply had no jurisdiction over the agreement.

The court documents tell the story and not the alcohol soaked brain of Juanito.

The court documents clearly show that on August 11, 2015, Judge Laura Betancourt set for hearing the Motion to Adjudicate and an arrest warrant with no bond on Victor Garcia.

On September 25, 2015, Noe Garza filed a motion to dismiss the Motion to Adjudicate claiming the court did not issue the above order until August 13, 2015.  Really people, does anyone believe Noe Garza could not read the date on the order - August 11, 2015?

Any fool can read Judge Betancourt's order setting hearing on the Motion to Adjudicate on August 11, 2015, which includes an order of arrest - which means capias.  Any fool can read Noe Garza's Motion wherein he said nothing was filed until the 13th of August.  Noe Garza just outright lied.
But as is always the case with Juanito he will run to defend the corruption and guilty so long as beer money is paid.
The bottom line is, Judge Betancourt does have jurisdiction to rule on the Motion to Adjudicate which is why according to the docket sheet the matter is set for February 11, 2016.
02/11/2016  Motion to Adjudicate  (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Betancourt, Laura L.)
It does not end there, since Noe Garza filed his Motion to Dismiss, look at how many times Judge Betancourt passed the Motion to Adjudicate.  In one case Ed Cyganiewicz told Judge Betancourt he dismissed the DPS officer before the case was called, but he could call the DPS officer and he would turn around and come back to testify.  All Judge Betancourt had to do to proceed was tell Cyganiewicz to call the DPS officer and the Motion would have been heard, but what Judge Betancourt has repeatedly done is pass every setting.  If Noe Garza really thought his motion to dismiss was valid he would have urged it at each of the hearings.  He did not because he knows the court documents prove the Motion was filed on the 11th, and not the 13th as alleged by Noe Garza, and that in fact the court had issued an arrest warrant.  At the first hearing with Victor Garcia in court Judge Betancourt refused to order the bailiff to arrest him according to her own arrest warrant, to only later pull the arrest warrant.
08/11/2015  State's Motion to Adjudicate Guilt (OCA)
WIth Order Setting Hearing And/Or Ordering Arrest
08/11/2015  Warrant
08/11/2015  Order Setting Hearing and/or Ordering Arrest
(signed & entered)
08/13/2015  State's Amended MTR/MTA
08/19/2015  Notice of Appearance of Counsel
Pro-Tem for Motion to Adjudicate
09/11/2015  Motion to Adjudicate  (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Betancourt, Laura L.)
(Atty Pro-Tem Ed Cyganiewicz)
Result: Held
09/11/2015  Journal Entry
Atty Noe Garza retained
09/11/2015  Recall Capias - Court view
09/17/2015  Notice
09/17/2015  Recall Warrant
09/21/2015  Subpoena Issued-General
09/25/2015  Motion to Adjudicate  (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Betancourt, Laura L.)
(Atty Pro-Tem Ed Cyganiewicz)
Result: Held
09/25/2015  Motion
To Dismiss Based On Lack Of Jurisdiction WIth Order
10/09/2015  Motion to Adjudicate  (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Betancourt, Laura L.)
Result: Other
10/30/2015  Motion to Adjudicate  (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Betancourt, Laura L.)
Result: Held
02/11/2016  Motion to Adjudicate  (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Betancourt, Laura L.)

From Juanito:

""In Kacie's case, the DWI and the  Intoxicaion Assault With a Motor Vehicle were dismissed as paret of the plea bargain agreement. She pleaded guilty to the felony charge of Accident Involving Injury or Death.

The DA's office (Special Prosecutor Cyganewicz) agreed to the dismissal of the two charges and to have Flores sentence her to five years probation and to apply deferred adjudication after that so that the offense would not show up on her record.

In her brother Victor's case, the crackerjack defense also garnered him a dismissal (also with Special Prosecutor Cyganewicz's agreement) on the Accident Involving Injury or Death felony charge and his nolo contendre guilty plea on the  Failre to Report Felony Where Severe Bodily Injury or Death Results resulted in Flores going along the agreement between the DA's Office and Stapleton and assessed him 12 months probation and 24 hours of community service. The court also went along with placing Victor with deferred adjudication so that after he served his probation, the record of the offense would be erased".

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I can not believe the lies the toothless wonder writes about you Bobby! He is obsessed with you...smittened or something!