Sunday, January 17, 2016

When your legal advisor is Louis Sorola it is no wonder Juanito fails to understand a non-suit is what you do when you settle a case.  Dairyland reviewed the police report, and the written answer of Justine Poitinger along with the fact she was facing criminal charges at the time of the accident coupled with the fact the Poitinger family refused to cooperate in the investigation, and offered my nephew $3,000, and he took it.
They also reviewed Juanito's endless defamation per se against myself and my nephew along with the proof Poitinger spoke with Juanito, and decided it was better to pay than deal with Juanito and his reputation of getting people sued for defamation.  It is my understanding after Dairlyland finally sent an investigator to the Poitinger home and the investigator was told someone missing teeth claiming to be with a law firm told them to not worry about it, they thought it was over.  Dairyland is looking into barratry charges.
The moral of the story again is, go to Juanito to do your dirty work and you will pay out damages for defamation.
My nephew thanks Juanito because without his moronic baseless stories Dairyland may have actually fought the claim.


Anonymous said...

Juan is such a pendejo Bobby. The toothless atourney is him isn't it..the man is disgusting😡

BobbyWC said...

I have no idea who lead the family to believe everything would be okay. But I do know Juanito spoke to them because in his first post he said my nephew sent them a letter "From the Desk of" he would only know that if he spoke with them. The insurance adjuster did not like that.

What I did not know until I got rear ended by a 16 year old without insurance is, your insurance company can run the plate number and find out if there is insurance on the car. When my insurance ran the plate number [I took a picture] they verified there was no insurance and paid me under the uninsured.

So my nephew asked his insurance company to run the plate number on the car being driven by Justine and they came up with Dairyland and a policy number. He called in the claim, they sent an adjuster, and after they had to send an investigator to the Poitinger home they realized they were dealing with liars and paid. There was no negotiation. They found his offer to be fair and sent him the offer via email. He signed the release and filed the non-suit.

Juanito here is another one for you. My insurance company just informed me I can sue the 16 year old for my $250 deductible. In the next week or two if her father does not pay I will sue. Keep an eye out for it so you can go visit the family and then publish all of your defamation. The home is worth $300,000 so I am certain I can collect a pretty sum on defamation. Please Juanito keep an eye out for it. I want to add 600 squa feet to my house and need the money. I really need your help Juanito. I want to expand my master bath for a hot tub and double the size of my walk in closet.

Do not fail me Juanito - I need your help on this one.

Bobby WC