Saturday, January 2, 2016

Yesterday I did go to Walmart to learn they will not ban the carrying of handguns in open.  I was there so I bought what I needed, and left for the last time.  HEB and Target will handle most of my needs.  I buy a lot on Amazon and now United Mileage Plus, so I do not believe I will be inconvenienced.
While I do not eat fast food normally, if I did I would reward Whataburger for banning Open Carry.
On the other side, those of you who feel like this is your right, feel free to boycott the stores which ban Open Carry.
It is sad that our inept leaders in Austin put businesses in a no win situation. 
I did contact Walmart corporate for a statement on their policy and they never responded which is the same response CNN got.
As time goes buy, if I go to a store and they do not have a sign which bans open carry, I will not go in.  The same goes for restaurants.
With such an important issue, you would think the Herald would have canvassed the major stores and chains - I guess they do not see the story

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Could she get a bigger gun its bigger than her hip