Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Sorry guys, but I am very busy with family.  On the Brownville family member the doctors found a workable dosage of Lasix while limiting fluid intake until the edema is controllable.  It's any one's guess what the future holds.  I can say things have improved a lot in the last 24 hours.

The hardest part right now is a lot of conflicting information from different doctors, and nurses making declarations they should not be making. 

But the important thing for now is, he stabilized quiet a bit yesterday.  But his situation is a lot for his organs considering his age.

On my brother, it saddens me every morning that I have not received the call he has passed.  He is suffering in a dump of a nursing home.  He has an attorney fighting his wife so he can be moved.  He has the money to afford a posh nursing home in Houston.  His doctor will be the Director of Neurofibroma at MD Anderson.  He has no such care now.  He is cognitively impaired and cannot speak for himself.  The lesions on his brain have taken their toll.

The court gave him an attorney to fight for his rights.  I am cooperating and providing the attorney information every day on demand.  My preference is he passes so the pain ends.  But if he is not going to pass I want him in a posh nursing home under the care of a top notch neurologist at MD Anderson.

The nursing home where he is at had to be threaten with a lawsuit to force them to take him to the ER to see if he fractured his hip after 12 falls from his bed.  His wife fought me tooth and nail and just wanted him to be screaming out in pain.  I won that battle and the x -ray showed a fractured hip and he was given surgery.

Yesterday I got a letter from TRICARE telling me they agreed with my claim of financial fraud by the nursing home and ordered them to refund a fraudulent payment.  This is the second time this has happened.

A month after the nutritionist put him on a high calorie smoothie for weight loss I was visiting him and the kitchen staff told me no one told them. 

I have been in his room where the food is all over him and the floor because he cannot feed himself.  The criminal Texas AG Ken Paxton found this care meets minimum standard under Texas law.

So between two family members suffering slow miserable deaths, I just do not have the time for blogging right now.


Sometimes it is good, but when it is used to keep someone alive whose time has come it's bad.  In the local family case, it would be cruel to withdraw the oxygen - so in this case it is a good thing.  But the oxygen is the only line between life and death.  But you cannot withhold oxygen - on that I am certain.

As a society we need to do better at having an honest conversation with one another on these issues.  I do not know the answer.

As to my local family member when you shake his had he is still so strong you think he is going to break your hand.  So who knows.

In the last two years there have been two major hospitalizations  - one caused by a doctor at the Day and Night clinic from a major overdose of a medication.  I believe he gave him 10mg when the recommended dosage for a senior is 1.5 mg.  The doctors were convinced he was a goner.  Well he begged to differ, left the hospital after a month and soon after was out dancing and hanging with his friends.

About a year ago the same thing.  The care was horrible until he was bleeding internally and a colo-rectal surgeon was called in at 6 p.m. for an emergency colectomy - no sac required.  He eventually left the hospital and was out dancing again and hanging with his friends.

Until he is ready God has no say in this one.  It will not shock me if he proves the experts wrong again and within the month will be going out dancing again.

For now we watch and wait. 

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