Saturday, January 2, 2016

I should have taken this pic when we were on our way out to the Oyster Bar for dinner, but I decided to wait.  I put a question mark because I cannot be sure this is a Dan Sanchez fundraiser, but I am sure maybe 1/2 of the cars have big Dan Sanchez signs on them and the owner of the home has a big sign on the corner of Boca Chica and Cowan Terrace pushing for Dan Sanchez.
As strange as this may sound, I am defending the illegal conduct which is seen in the picture.  If you look close enough, the cars are parked two rows out the long way from the curb.  Under current COB ordinance, just one car parked straight out in a cul-de-sac is illegal.
This is one of those ordinances which should never be enforced.  This picture proves why.  I have neighbors who violate this law daily and I do not complain.  When you want to have a function and live in a  cul-de-sac, this is reality and the law is stupid.
My cul-de-sac is good.  We work as a team and understand sometimes when someone is having a function, parking is going to get difficult.  If I know I am not going out I tell people they can park along my driveway.
The city commission needs to accept this reality and repeal the law which bans this type parking.

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