Sunday, January 17, 2016

It is no secret that Castro blocks from his gossip page anyone who questions him, or calls him out on his lies.  He knows nothing about being a Democrat, but yet wants to be the Party Chair which requires he works with everyone in the Party.  But by his own words if you do not support him he will not work with you - so he will only work for those who worship him,
I am no supporter of Amber Medina.  At this point I am so tired of the Democratic Party I will be casting my vote in only a handful of races.  For those of you waiting for a politician who does not skirt the rules, do not hold your breath because you will die.
I am voting for Dan Sanchez, while recognizing he is ethically challenged.  Why?  Someone has to win, and I have interview Dan three times and each time he was very easy to approach and willing to answer questions.  He has carefully studied the Bexar county San Antonio model of success.  He has travelled to SA and met with those who made San Antonio into a success story.  I said from the beginning I want a candidate who can make Cameron county into a metroplex.  Dan Sanchez whether you like him or not is the one and only candidate who has looked at the issue and studied it.
I am also voting for Abel Gomez.  The courthouse is a political cesspool, and Abel made known to every judge he will stand with the right of the people to be in the courtroom and challenge any judge directly who tried to stop the people or the press from entering the courtroom.  It is for this reason I strongly stand with Abel Gomez.
I will vote for Bea Rosenbaum because we need change.  Sofia Benavides stands with Saenz - the same Saenz working to get elected Republican Victor Cortez as sheriff against Democrat Lucio.  This is intolerable and speaks volumes about Sofia Benavides character, or lack thereof.
I will be voting for Bernie Sanders because I cannot stomach the hostility which will come about if Hillary wins.  In November I will not vote for president because all of the Electoral Votes for Texas will go to the Republican so voting for Hillary is the same as not voting.
I will be voting for Masso for DA, but if Saenz wins the primary I will be voting for Jeremy SoRelle and I hope all of the people who have been trashing Saenz can put party politics aside and vote for the Republican instead of allowing Saenz to remain in office.
Will someone tell me how if Castro blocks everyone from his gossip page who does not worship him how they communicate with him their concerns?  His response is you may only speak to him if you attend his parties.
No - if you are seeking public office your Facebook page needs to be open to everyone.  Rick Longoria and Jessica Tetreau have done the same.  If you do not worship them and they represent your district, you are blocked from their Facebook page.  These ill mannered politicians need to grow up and face the music which comes with being an elected official.
 "I will say thought that I was surprised (cough cough, not really) that my detractors didn't take advantage of the open invitation to come and ask their questions... my guess, and I am just speculating here, is that they really care little about answers or truth, and are only there as a blessing to me to remind me to remain humble and with a spirit of gratitude towards the thousands who truly appreciate the individual... again, thank you all, be back in a bit..."
Humble is embracing your detractors - Joshua aka Jesus ran to his detractors- Castro knows nothing about Joshua other than to invoke his name to carry out his con.  Castro runs from his detractors because he has no defense.
If these so called detractors are blocked from looking at his gossip page, how were they to know they were invited to party?
I do not want to hear I support Amber Medina - I do not.  I stand on my commitment to form a new Cameron County Democratic Party with true Democrats and then Demand Austin recognize us or face down a battle with us.  There are a lot of good true Democrats in Cameron county, but they stay away so they are not tainted by the likes of Medina and Castro.


Anonymous said...

Well said as always thanks for exposing the con man imbecile Castro

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that Rosenbaum, like Masso, is a supporter of LNG.

BobbyWC said...

And so too is Sofia Benavides who favors the tax abatement. But LNG for now is dead. With no tax abatements and the price of oil so low, LNG is not really needed. Like Tenaska it may go away on its own.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

WOW! I just can't believe that the county has no other qualified candidates to pick from for any of these posts. It's always the same old people that want the positions. We need TERM limits!

I am not a fan of Masso being DA for Cameron County, much less Saenz!
Voting in a republican, that isn't a better choice either...
As for Dan Sanchez and his twin brother, they're NOT men of HONOR nor can be trusted!

You of all people Bobby should've seen this. I'm just surprised that you haven't clued yourself on all the shenanigans or have forgotten the long tails they so carry.
Bobby,(you're a man that I believe reports on facts!)
Please don't fail on your readers and followers!

Cameron County lost my trust from any of these pocket lining as$#h$#l@!