Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Out of respect for my brother in law Danny Montes, I am not blogging anything political until Monday.  The funeral is on Saturday.  Most of the family will be gone by Sunday.  Many, many politicos will be at the funeral.  This was his town.  Whether Danny and I agreed on some of these politicos was meaningless.  We respected one another's opinion.  But these are his friends and I will afford them the respect he would have afforded them.  Their endless gracious words towards him are more important than politics. When they arrive at the funeral I will introduce each and every one to the family with the proper respect given to elected officials.  All personal differences at this point are meaningless. 
"To Brownsville native Danny Montes, the real heroes during those five days in April 1945 were his comrades-in-arms who didn’t make it back.
Montes, a 40mm gun captain aboard the amphibious assault vessel USS Marvin H. McIntyre, lost two of his landing craft crew to Japanese aircraft fire during the bloody chaos that marked the invasion of Okinawa.
Montes was part of the first wave of the invasion, which American forces launched on April 1, he and his crew ferrying a Marine commander from the McIntyre to the island. The trip seemed uneventful, with just a few shots fired, until Montes spotted a Japanese Zero fighter plane.
He told his gunner to take aim with the big 40mm guns, but the man hesitated, thinking it was an American plane. Montes was right, though, having trained in aircraft identification while stationed in the Aleutian Islands."


Anonymous said...

Sorry for your loss.
God Bless and Comfort.

BobbyWC said...

The people of Brownsville are being amazing. I am so proud of so many politicos with home I differ are putting Danny first. Brownsville is showing it can be a class act when time demands it. I am so proud of Brownsville.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Sorry for your loss.