Thursday, January 14, 2016


By rules written sometime I believe after the 1972 Democratic Party convention riots, during the primary process the Parties cannot endorse any candidate.  The Chairperson whether locally, statewide or nationally, must remain neutral.

I do not know if the Democrat Party still requires the candidate swore an oath of loyalty to the Party, but if it does, Saenz is way out of line having a Republican seeking to defeat Omar Lucio at one of his fundraisers. 

Also of note, why is Victor Cortez as a Republican backing Luis Saenz against Jeremy SoRelle for DA, as a Republican.

The rules do bind the hands of the Party chairs, but when a candidate openly violates a written oath, to the extent either Party still requires the oath, then it is the job of the Party Chairs, namely Amber Medina and Morgan Graham to call these candidates out by notifying their respective party members that the candidate violated the terms of the oath.  This is not the same as endorsing any one candidate.

It is simply stating a fact that the oath has been broken.


Anonymous said...

So what you are saying is, if a monkey is in my party, I'm voting for the God! Talk about palanca propaganda! You are way out of line Bob. Palanca voting, which is what you are promotin, breeds corruption! Have you ever heard of voting for the best candidate, not the party? Your hate for people make you say dumb things my friend.

BobbyWC said...

You moronic trolls amaze me. I have repeatedly said that if Saenz wins the nomination I will be voting for Repubican Jeremy SoRelle. Now explain to me how that is palanca.

You comment has no relationship period to my post. My post put into issue both Democratic Saenz and Republican Cortez. Nothing in my post indicates someone should vote straight Palanca.

I have in fact post the fact I have donated to Republicans in Dallas because they were the best candidate.

I spoke very highly of retired Republican Judge Tom Fuller who I supported as a Democrat in every election.

So you are an idiot trolling the blogs to post nonsense

Bobby WC