Monday, January 11, 2016

My long term readers know I do not believe in death.  Yes it is true I have not physically seen my father since age 5, or my mother since age 19, but they live with me and guide me every day.
Today I could easily be earning $250,000 or more for a big law firm had I been willing to play, but I was not.  You know why the State Bar wants me back - so they can control my speech.  I am not for sale.  I am doing just fine working writing trial and appellate briefs under lawyers who actually represent the clients.  I am just a paid employee.
I know this post will anger some family - but my love is for the suffering family member and not the rest.  Guys, the medical community is a mess.  We have so many doctors contradicting one another's orders.  I was there yesterday when the pulmonologist gave the direct order that the patient was not to be given Lasix because it was damaging his kidneys, and he would not survive dialysis. About 30 minutes ago I received an urgent text that someone put him back on Lasix.
Look, my brother in law has come back from death before.  This guy may be dancing again within two weeks.  But it does not look good.
Here is the deal.  As a family you need to make sure the people in SICU know nothing happens without the express consent of a specific doctor.  You cannot have 4 doctors all making different decisions. 
The Lasix may be needed. This morning the patient was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, His heart is pushing on his lungs, and the lungs are filling with fluid.  So yes, Lasix may be needed to control the situation even though it could lead to kidney failure in the case of this patient. 
Doctors need to learn communication is absolutely necessary when dealing with the family.  No one seems to know who ordered the Lasix.  But I am certain under these facts the pulmonologist would consider putting him back on Lasix as the only way to slow the fluid build up.  Facts change - and so too must the treatment.
Every time the nursing home calls, it saddens me they are not calling me to tell me my brother has passed.  He is suffering a horrible long death.  I pray every day he passes.
While I know some family members locally want this other family member to recover - if you know this man he is no longer there.  He has lived his life honorably, and left behind a significantly better Brownsville.  His work can be seen all over Brownsville.  His funeral will be a whose who of every well known politico.  The day before yesterday the mayor spent time with him.  Tony and I may have differences in our opinions, but when it comes to this I can say he made a very old and sick man extremely happy and the family is grateful for that.  This is not a time for politics. 
If I ever reach this point, at this man's age, I would hope my nieces and nephews will honor my wish to be made comfortable, but to allow nature to take its course.
The family is coming in from all over the U.S.  If he passes I will make the announcement to Brownsville.  But I tell you we were told it was over and he left the hospital and went back to dancing and having a beer or three.  So it is anyone's guess.  But this is clearly the worse.
But people remember - when someone passes they remain with you in all of the significant ways.  Do not be sad - be happy they are finally at peace.
I was joking yesterday with my nephew that when my brother in law passes, my sister will meet him and get on him for taking 14 years to join her.  He has earned his right to peace and may God grant that peace soon.


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