Monday, January 4, 2016

Lorrie Sanchez's attorney, Ronald Armstrong, was sent packing after being ordered to pay $250.00 to Ernesto Gamez in attorneys fees for his stunt of bringing in Robert Sanchez without his attorney.  But the win for the family is the order of psychological evaluations.  This will calm things down,  The orders of the court sent a strong message - cool it down guys.
From the court:
Case called for Hearing. All parties and attorneys present. Court Granted Mr. Armstrong's Motion to Withdraw. Signed and entered. Court accepted Ms. Garcia's appearance as Attiorney of record for Petitioner. After hearing argument of counsel Court Grants Motion for Sanctions. Mr. Armstrong ordered to pay Attorney's fees for Motion for Sanctions in the amount of $250.00. Court Grants Petitioner's Motion for Psychological Testing with Counseling and Mental Health Evaluation through Dr. Villanueva. Attorney Gamez to prepare Order on Motion for Sanctions, Attorney Garcia to prepare Order on Motion for Psychological Testing. Both orders to be signed by all counsel of record and submited within 7 days. Case set for status on 1/20/16 @ 9:00 REDC/sm"

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