Tuesday, December 1, 2015


This is the area in front of my driveway.  A complete repair was done maybe a year ago or less.  The problem is the garbage trucks.  But the mystery is, they only damage the street in front of my house.  I along with my two neighbors to the west am putting in additional drainage systems to pull water from the back yard to the street.  Our yards are clearly sinking.  It was fun using my new jack hammer to break through some cement between the front and back yard. 

I put in the call back in early October.  I was told the repair would be done by November 5th.  Then the rain came so I gave the city about 10 extra days, and nothing.  I was then told it would be done last Monday.  Nothing - well sort of.

The city did come out and exam the area.  They are convinced it is solid mud underneath the street.  They can see how we still have standing water.

I am not complaining.  This morning I was told it will be late December until maybe January before they can get to it.  They expect to dig maybe a foot down, so they have to have the area checked for pipes and electrical wires.  It is not going to be a simple patch.

They offered a temporary patch and I said no.  It is a waste of time and money.  They just need to stay focused on all of the damage from the rain, and get to it in due course.

People Brownsville suffered a lot of damage.  We need to be patient.  If everyone starts demanding temporary patches it will only increase the cost to the city and slow them down for the real patch.

Be patient and they will get to you.


I have learned through reliable sources that land belonging to the city parks which is not used as parks is being surveyed for new retention ponds for the rain water.  There appears to be a lot of grant money available.  So it is a matter of identifying the land which can be used for new retention ponds, and applying for the grants.  The city is on it. 

Now that I got to the facts the City Commissioners can inform their constituency.

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