Monday, December 28, 2015

I am not going to say much, but I do need to update since I left this with a contempt motion being filed by Lorrie on the 23rd.  I have now read it and the orders she seeks to enforce.  Let me be clear, there is no allegation Sanchez violated the no visitation order.
This motion for contempt is going nowhere other then the court writing interim orders which are actually in English and enforceable.  There are only two reasons Ernesto Gamez would have signed off on these orders [1] he is an idiot, or [2 ] fearing his client would not comply he made sure they only agreed to vague orders.  The source of the enforcement action deals with an issue which invites abuse [not domestic abuse].  I reviewed the alleged evidence. I think there was abuse of the intent of the order and the abuse was not by Sanchez..

A funny I find in all of this is, one of Sanchez' attorneys is Rick Zayas, arch enemy to Juanito.  You will not hear Juanitio going after Zayas while Zayas is representing Sanchez.  Lorrie's counsel has verified that Sanchez has in fact now moved from his parent's home and is living with a member of the Zayas clan.

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