Sunday, December 13, 2015


When I first read the entire piece I thought - something is up. But further research showed this kid is real. After becoming a firebrand for the GOP and conservatives, and written up in Time magazine as such, he has dumped the GOP and conservative movement, and endorsed Bernie Sanders.

From C.J. Pearson:

Perfectly said:

"Eventually, I started asking myself, how could I support a movement that refused to support me on the issues that matter to a young kid like me? In addition to ditching the conservative label, I also chose not to identify as a liberal. I was done with labels. I wasn't interested in contributing to the political divisiveness that has hijacked the political discourse in this country. "

... .

"Americans are struggling and they’re not interested in empty rhetoric or petty partisanship. They’re interested in results.

Labels divide us. However, our struggles unite us.

Let us learn together. Let us grow together. Let's win together.

My generation is watching. Set the example. Set the standard. And I promise, we'll take note."

I love this part.

"That's why I refuse to let anyone, let it be the media or politicians, brand me as one extreme or the other. My thoughts are growing and I want to give them the space they need.

Some conservative pundits like Erick Erickson call this attention-seeking. I call it being 13.

Because if I wanted attention, I could have done a host of things. For example, shooting holes in newspaper editorials and rallying against Muslim immigration seems to be a HUGE hit among the GOP base.

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