Tuesday, December 8, 2015


The Supreme Court has accepted a case from Texas challenging two State Senate districts as unconstitutional because the lines were drawn based on population which includes undocumented workers, and non-voting children instead of based on just voting populations.

"In May 2015, the Court accepted jurisdiction for the case of Evenwel v. Abbott where it will decide if eligible voting population numbers can be substituted for total population numbers when voting districts are determined."

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Let's accept the concept districts must be based on voting populations only.  If this concept wins there will be time before reassigning on US Congressional seats after the 2020 census, for the legal concept to be applied to how many congressional seats each state receives.  The Supreme Court could then rule that the assignment of congressional seats must be based on voting populations instead of total populations which is how it is done now.

This will mean Texas will lose U.S. Congressional seats because a large part of its population is not part of the voting population.

The Republicans suffer from terminal stupidity. 

Finally this is just not about undocumented workers.  It is about children.  If a district has too many non-voting minors then under this challenge their numbers should not count either.

The argument is simple - only people who can vote deserve representation.  The Republicans have no concept of progress or forward motion.

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