Wednesday, December 23, 2015


For months families have been complaining that they have not been receiving their child support. Of course the AG cannot take the payor to court because their records show the employers are paying the child support into the system. 

The cost of the new system to manage payments could double to $360 million according to Paxton.  Paxton blames Governor Abbott for hiring the vendor who has failed the children of Texas.

While Paxton and Abbott blame one another and the vendor the children go without.  For months I have been hearing the complaints.  There are families who have not received a penny of child support since September.  The Brownsville Office of the AG's office gives new meaning to the work joke.  They just lie to the victim and say it will be fixed by next month.  They will not allow you to speak with a supervisor and simply give you the name of the ombudsman.  They of course do not provide you with a phone number.  When you finally get ahold of the ombudsman they tell you it is not the AG's fault and they have no control over the payments.  All their office does is collect the money.

Until a major law firm steps in and sues the AG on behalf of the families of Texas not receiving their child support, with the circus of Abbott and Paxton overseeing the failure in the system families will continue to go without.

Herein lies the disconnect between the Democrats and the people.  A lot of major donors to the Democratic Party are big law firms.  They can bring the law suit and damage the Republican brand in Texas.  But do you think people like Gilbert Hinojosa even knows anyone dependent on child support?

I know of several fathers who are helping the mother with Christmas by simply charging up their credit cards, even though they have already paid their support.  They are doing the right thing.  But why should they have to pay twice because two inept lawyers by the name of Greg Abbott and Ken Paxton cannot figure out how to fix the problem.

There solution at this time is to threaten litigation, which can take for years, and call for hearings - neither of which will put a penny in the pockets of the families doing without.  It's not complex - cancel the contract with the vendor and just start sending checks directly from the AG's office.  The AG's the one with the money, not the vendor.


Anonymous said...

"The Brownsville Office of the AG's office gives new meaning to the work joke. They just lie to the victim and say it will be fixed by next month. They will not allow you to speak with a supervisor and simply give you the name of the ombudsman. They of course do not provide you with a phone number."
It's good you took a dig at the local office. I've heard they were mostly responsible for the contract with the vendor and that Abbott consulted with them every strep of the way and Paxton checks in with them weekly for guidance on how to handle the problems within the system. So, at least you got that right. In terms of letting them talk to a supervisor, in most of my dealings with public agencies and private business, the staff act under the direction of their supervisor and if the boss doesn't want to see someone, they have little to say about it. But you know more about that then I do.
By the way, is it a lie if you believe it when you say it? I mean, if in this circumstance the people in Austin tell you the problem will be resolved "next month" and you pass it along to clients as the best information you have and but the problem isn't resolved did you lie or were you just wrong or were you misled?

BobbyWC said...

I understand your comment, but you do not know the system. If I tell you it will be fixed next month and do this for four months at what point do you just stop telling the same thing before it becomes a lie?

They need to just tell the truth and tell the people the system is broken and there is nothing they can do about it.

The law requires they provide the ombudsman number.

I have worked with these people. I have driven women to the office to give them proof of where the father works so they can get the child support. 6 months later they will tell you they cannot find the father even though he is still working at the same place.

I have sat in court with these people as Judge Rojas asks them for the documents he needs to calculate the support and all they can say is they misplaced them.

I have been in court when Judge Rojas asks the AG lawyers why they are seeking an increase in child support when the father is already paying at the rate for two children and there is only one child? The answer is always the same - the mother wants more money. Well it does not fly. The code tells the judge the % to be paid based on the number of children.

While these lawyers waste time seeking an increase in child support they will not get, mothers who provide them the work place of the deadbeat father or mother cannot get into court.

The system is broken at every level.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I think this is a government issue not a party issue. Big gov is the stupid problem

BobbyWC said...

You will note I went after the Democrats for not bringing this to court to help the families

Bobby WC