Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Yesterday Space X successfully landed a rocket for reuse after it was used to launch several satellites.  For those of us old enough to remember, and choose not to lie, the early years of space exploration were fraught with failure and deaths.  This is the nature of the beast.  The early seaman who chose to explore the oceans died in the thousands so that some day mapping, navigation and technology changes in the building of the ships would allow for us to own the oceans for exploration.
As the world runs to watch the new Star Wars movie, lost on many is cost.  For such a future the nature of economy will have to change.  No government will ever have the money under the current economic system to create massive fleets of spacecrafts.
But moving forward at this time requires cost savings.  The reusable rocket will lower costs and make accessing space cheaper for all concerned.  The commercialization of space is key to its further development.  Private money is where the future is in space.
So many have died in pursuit of space.  To trash Space X, independent of how you feel about the Boca Chica deal - good or bad - makes light of those who have died. Yesterday was a great day for space exploration.
I will never forget when the shuttle Columbia exploded upon reentry over the DFW area heading into east Texas.  The shaking of the house and bang on the roof was so intense I thought that another of the 40 foot trees fell on the house.  I ran out back and saw all was okay.  I assumed it was probably related to a test flight coming out of the Naval Air Station about 30 miles away. 
I then turned on the TV and soon the truth was known.
We have no idea what space holds for us, but if we choose not to invest and gamble we will never know.  While I personally have a lot of problems with the military industrial complex I know enough to know many of the things we take for granted today were developed as part of the space program and the military industrial complex.  The modern planes which are lighter than ever before are a consequence of the development of aircraft for use by the military.
My hats off to Space X for bringing us one step closer to Beyond.

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