Monday, December 21, 2015


I am not one to reinvent the wheel.  When I am dealing with a new issue, I tend to go to court to see how experienced lawyers have handled the pleadings and use their successful pleadings as a guide.  While in the Administrative building this morning looking at Probate pleadings, I decided to see if anything new had been filed in the Sanchez case.  His divorce is under Roberto, but while searching family records I accidently typed Robert and there it was.

Case No.

Respondent  SANCHEZ, ROBERT A                            JAMES H HUNTER, Jr. Retained
The BV has already established James Hunter is Robert Sanchez's friend and in fact represented the business in my defamation suit after his insurance company denied coverage and representation.

After paternity testing the court ordered the withholding of Sanchez's wages to pay child support.

03/06/2001  Document Filed
03/06/2001  Document Filed


While theoretically possible, but unlikely, there may be two Robert A. Sanchez's in Cameron county who worked at the Sanchez family business Texas Cold Storage, whose friend is James Hunter.

The clerk's office is still uploading old files.  The information I have posted comes from the online system I can see from home.  There were no documents uploaded for viewing other than the docket sheet with two handwritten notes.  It could be because it was an AG case.  I do not know.  But the information available on the computers in the Administrative building and on line from home clearly establish that a Robert A Sanchez was sued for paternity in 2000, with a withholding order issuing on his employer Texas Cold Storage which at the time was a Sanchez family business.  The record also shows the personal friend of Robert A. Sanchez James Hunter represented the Robert A. Sanchez in this paternity case.

Because I cannot see the pleadings I cannot say if the child was born before the June 7, 1997, marriage of Lorrie and Robert Sanchez.  I hate to say it, but this is Brownsville and a lot of men have children born out of wedlock before they formally marry a different woman.  I will go on further and say a lot of men lie about it by never telling their wives.  Finally, I will say that if the child was born before the marriage the issue will not play in the divorce, generally.  A man lying about something before he married is not going to influence the property division.  It will influence the child support, because if he is still paying on the other child it will lower how much child support Lorrie can receive.


The judge tried to calm this down.  You know as experienced attorneys everyone was to remain silent and allow the attorney appointed for the children and the Family Facilitator to try and get to the truth of the matter and how best to resolve this for the children.  But Sanchez had to lash out over losing temporary visitation rights by paying Juanito to trash his wife.  The original post wherein Juanito said a private investigator [technically he said the man's name - who happens to be a private investigator] was subpoenaed and would testify his wife does drugs.  That is out there for the court.  It does not matter that Juanito changed the story to say his sources are "missives' from anonys.  In the original story he outed Sanchez as his source.

The BV has rejected every anony claim and only published that which is in the pleadings.  No other member of the Brownsville social media which has covered this story can say the same. 


Get Sanchez to admit he needs to go to rehab.  We all know for it to work it has to be his decision and not a decision made by force.  He is going to hang himself and in the process hurt his relationship with the children.  The attorney appointed for the children and the Family Facilitator are going to review the Juanito post and the evidence Lorrie has Sanchez pays him.  It was a stupid move.



Anonymous said...

" I hate to say it, but this is Brownsville and a lot of men have children born out of wedlock before they formally marry a different woman."

If you hate to say it, don't say it. These specific situation is not only happening in Brownsville. It happens all over this country and other countries.

BobbyWC said...

Your are correct, but my greater point is - it is not really an unusual event and would not impact the divorce if the child was born before the marriage - that is what I was trying to get at.

Not if it was concealed and community property was used to pay child support without the wife's knowledge hat could become an issue, although he had a duty to pay the child support

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I suspect you are right. But I could not find a document to prove it. You will note I have been very careful in pointing out this child could have been born before the marriage. I am going on what I can prove through the court pleadings. Nothing more nothing less.

I am real busy, but I will certain accept an email of any document which verifies what you are saying. Know that I suspect you are 100% correct.

You know with 5 brother and sisters from a different mother I am happy that mom pushed for all of us to know one another. You should not have brothers or sisters hidden from you.

One day I have a story on this. But a woman who is a key character has asked that I not tell they story until she passes.

This happens and if a marriage is not strong enough to survive such a revelation then the marriage has even bigger problems.

I am not making excuses for Sanchez if he hid this from Lorrie - I am just saying a strong marriage would get through it.

Everyone I know who has been married more than 50 years will tell you, you may go 3 years not even talking to each other, but then one day you remember why you got married and all is well. That is a strong marriage.

While something like this is sad, a strong marriage would survive it - so the problems are deeper.

This story is newsworthy because Saenz messed up the protective order, and it highlighted for the community Judge De Coss's failure to control the parties. Once the BV made it a story an emergency hearing was called and an attorney for the children was appointed and a family facilitator. That is what this case needed.

It is sad Sanchez did not take the hint and choose to lash out.

Everyone should have just backed down and let these appointees do their job. But no - the decision to lash out was more important. Hopefully Gamez will bring the matter under control.

Sanchez really needs to volunteer for Rehab - if he comes out fine he will learn things will be at peace with his kids. If Lorrie continues to be bitter Sanchez will learn it will not work for Lorrie. Good lawyers know how this works and Gamez knows exactly what to do.

Oh, if you send me something verifying what you are saying, I will amend the post. You will note I did not use the woman's name and never would - same goes for the kids.

You will note those who oppose my coverage would prefer if the parties just keep on going at each other. This is not in the best interests of the kids.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I have made it clear, I do not publish comments without verification. I do not doubt your claims, I just have no proof of them.

I intended to post that I really do not want to say more on this case because it appears the parties have calmed things down which is good, but Lorrie's lawyer filed an enforcement by contempt today. It may be bogus or may be valid. From home all I can see is the name of the pleading, I cannot see the actual pleading and the offices are closed until Monday.

This is sad.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

The BV's policy has also been to only post what it can prove. It is that simple.

Bobby WC