Friday, December 18, 2015

This case gets worse by the minute.  Until further recommendations by Gabriela Garcia Amicus Attorney instead of Ad Litem, and Dr. Norma Villanueva as the Parent Facilitator, Robert Sanchez' visitation rights have been temporarily suspended.
An issue between the parties appears to in part be a child born out of wedlock.  In the latest pleadings it is not clear if this child was born during the marriage or before the marriage.  The accusation is against Robert Sanchez.
Apparently on December 6, 2015, someone - not ID in the pleadings, texted Lorrie Sanchez from the church stating Robert Sanchez hit one of the children in the leg.  The police were called and an investigation is pending.  It was on the way home from church that it is alleged two of the children were ordered out of the car and were forced to walk along the car as Robert Sanchez drove.
The parties as the pleadings go requested a meeting.  Lorrie Sanchez's attorney offered up his conference room.  He claims he was not at the meeting.  That argument will not fly.  Armstrong also claims Ernesto Gamez was at the Armstrong offices with another client.
Armstrong, Lorrie's counsel claims he told Robert Sanchez he needed to bring his counsel.  Here is the deal.  If you know someone has an attorney and they show up at your office without that attorney, whether you are in the room or not you send them away until their attorney shows.  Armstrong's claim that the rules of Professional Responsibility do not apply for use as sanctions is in for a shocker because they do.
In a long series of cases the Supreme Court has found the Rules of Professional Conduct are guidelines for the trial court, not mandatory, when considering motions involving attorneys.  So Armstrong's argument to the contrary simply ignores well established law.
National Medical Enters. v. Godbey, 924 S.W.2d 123, 132 (Tex.1996);  Anderson Producing Inc. v. Koch Oil Co., 929 S.W.2d 416, 422 (Tex.1996);  Spears v. Fourth Court of Appeals, 797 S.W.2d 654, 656-57 (Tex.1990);  Ayres v. Canales, 790 S.W.2d 554, 555-58 (Tex.1990);  NCNB Texas Nat'l Bank v. Coker, 765 S.W.2d 398, 399 (Tex.1989).  -
During the meeting, an argument broke out and it is alleged that Robert Sanchez bit a Rogerio Lopez. while trying to protect Joe Garza Sr. from further assault - as alleged.  It was during this altercation that Ernesto Gamez entered the conference room and got his client and his client's father to leave.  It is not clear if Mr. Lopez is seeking assault charges on Robert Sanchez.
Sanchez needs to get permission from the criminal court and civil court to go into rehab for two months.  In both the criminal cases and the divorce this will go a long way, if the counselors at the Rehab can testify Sanchez has dealt with his problems and is now fine.
This is a smart move.  But anyone who knows this family knows Emilio Sanchez is calling some of the shots and what is best for Robert Sanchez and his children may not even be on the table. 
If Sanchez were to successfully come out of rehab, it would give Saenz a reason for a good plea bargain, and De Coss evidence that Sanchez is no longer a threat to anyone.
But lawyers are lawyers and we shall see where the money goes -= to the lawyers or to healing this family.

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