Tuesday, December 15, 2015


UPDATE:  The Herald is reporting Robert Sanchez was released on a $6,000.  Saenz should have immediately been in court to revoke on the two existing cases with proper notice to Sanchez's attorney, and to increase the bond on the latest case.  I do not know who set the $6,000 bond, but they should be fired immediately.  This contempt our local judges and prosecutors have for domestic abuse needs to end now.  Why did the Herald leave out the name of the judge who set a bond for $6,000 for assault on an elderly person while the same alleged criminal has two other pending family assault cases pending?  There needs to be outrage and demand for the immediate discharge of the magistrate judge or municipal judge who set the bond at $6,000.


The judge overseeing this divorce from hell is Rene de Coss.  I am going to be doing another post which some people may view as positive for De Coss and Jeremy SoRelle - but I must say this is a divorce from hell and De Coss needs to bring it under control.  I do not know who is to blame, but the parties and Ernesto Gamez are acting like the children are disposable and they are not.  In light of the latest events the children have to be suffering and neither party and in particular Ernesto Gamez seems to care.  If De Coss does not bring this case under control in a way which protects the children from this divorce from hell the case could end up defining him, and costing him any hope for reelection.  What is happening is intolerable.


On October 16, 2016, Lorrie Sanchez filed for divorce.  On October 20, 2015, Robert Sanchez was arrested and subsequently charged with two counts of family violence, which occurred on October 17, 2015.  See Herald

On line docket entries show one of the parties has supervised visitation at the grandparents' house.  This is never good.  But if it is needed it is needed.  But someone better be paying attention to the kids, because it is never good, although sometimes necessary.  I am assuming it is Robert Sanchez who has supervised visitation based on the two family assault cases.

Both parties have been ordered to be subject to drug testing.  I have no idea if there was a basis for the request, but the requesting party better be damn sure the other side is doing drugs, because this only inflames the case thereby making it even more of a nightmare for the children.  Personally I do not give as shit about either party - they have both conducted themselves publicly like clowns without any regard for their children.  And I mean since before the divorce.  Maybe I am a prude but a mother of four children has no business posing half naked for posting to the Internet.  I felt so bad for her children when I saw that picture.

Lorrie Sanchez will have heard on January 4th her motion for psychiatric evaluation.

12/15/2015  Journal Entry
Order Setting Hearing on Petitioner's Motion for Psychological Testing with Counseling and Mental Health Evaluation for 1/4/16 @ 9:00 a.m. signed and entered REDC/sm

After today's events I think she will win.  But a win could be flipped into a loss if the evaluation shows Robert Sanchez was pushed over the edge by Lorrie Sanchez.  Be careful what you ask for.  Being pushed over the edge does not justify the alleged assault, but informs De Coss Lorrie Sanchez is not some innocent by stander in this matter.

On November 20, 2015, Luis Saenz filed in Juan Magallanes court a request for a protective order for Lorrie Sanchez.  On December 3, 2015, Judge Magallanes dismissed the protective order before transferring the case to Rene de Coss' court, where Saenz if he knew anything about the law knew or should have known is where it should have been filed to begin with.

The Protective Order was dismissed after Ernesto Gamez filed a request for Sanctions, on behalf of Robert Sanchez.


Defendant's Special Execeptions Motion to Dissolve and/or Vacate Temporary ExParte Protective Order filed by the Cameron County District Attorney's Office and Request for Sanctions and Attorney's Fees
It appears his motion was well placed.   Saenz ignored the fact the case was to be filed in De Coss' court and the fact he knew Gamez was Sanchez's attorney and was entitled to notice before the ex parte Protective Order was sought.

Saenz made Judge Juan Magallanes look bad, while endangering Lorrie Sanchez and her children.  Since the case was moved to De Coss' court Saenz has done nothing to reinstate the Protective Order following proper procedure.

Carlos Masso and Jeremy SoRelle should both be jumping all over this as evidence when it comes to domestic abuse Saenz is a liar and a joke.

In light of today's events if true, do you think dismissal of the Protective Order was a mistake? Well legally no, but Saenz should have properly refiled it and by not properly refiling it he endangered Lorrie Sanchez.
Saenz dropped the ball again.  Saenz took no action to revoke Robert Sanchez's bond in the two existing family violence cases.  Saenz took no action to make sure a proper bond was set in the current case.
If the judges and Saenz are not going to bring this divorce from hell under control, then De Coss and Saenz need to find a judge and DA who will.  De Coss needs to issue emergency orders for Robert and Lorrie Sanchez to enter parenting classes and counselling until such time as they can be certified to conduct themselves in a manner which does not endlessly enflame the divorce.  The children are more important then either parent.
I have seen this before - the children are suffering.  Both parents can go to hell for all I care - but someone has to step in and protect the children from what is clearly a very, very hostile environment which will scar them for life.


Anonymous said...

From what I have heard, much of the problems the Sanchez's have been having are a result from the lady's father, the one that got punched. I hear the man threatened to shoot and kill Robert Sanchez...and that is what started the situation. It does not excuse the behavior, the facts will come out in court unfortunately....and you are right...the kids suffer. If the parents are not carful, the judge might see both of them unfit to be parents.

BobbyWC said...

I am got going to approve any comments which allege drug use or claims of alleged threatened criminal conduct by any party or third party which is not clearly alleged in the pleadings.

You know where to go to post unsubstantiated claims and you know it is not the BV - try Castro

This is a tragedy because of the children. I reported with an eye on the failure in the system and the injury it presents to the children. That is my story - comments on the story will help to educate my readers - unsubstantiated rumors will only serve to hurt the children.

I will not be at the hearing on the 4th. I have to be in Harlingen by 8 and then back by 10 for a pulmonologist appointment. Hopefully someone will explain newsworthy to our inept news reporters and someone will attend the hearing. But I have met enough of the reporters to know they fail to understand even the basics so do not expect any real reporting.

Bobby WC