Thursday, December 10, 2015

I have several things ready to go, but decided against all of them.  I'm really pretty bored with the local and national elections. 
I am following Trump very closely - mostly the polls.  I am examining support by Independents and some Democrats.  But it takes time and a lot of polls before a pattern or direction can be formed.  I personally think those using Islam for their own ends which have nothing to do with Islam want Trump to win so that he will fertilize the fields in the U.S.  for more homegrown ISIS supporters, thereby using Trump as their main asset to push more attacks on the U.S.  This is dangerous. 
I get people are afraid.  I get the San Bernardino incident raises a lot of questions about a couple on the internet already discussing their support for ISIS type organizations since 2013, and was missed during the vetting process of the wife. 
But we also have people using Christianity for their own ends, which have nothing to do with Christianity.  The shooter in the last abortion clinic attack has already admitted to his acts and why.  We missed him too.
We need to stop looking at Islam or Christianity for the cause of the acts of these people.  We need to redirect our surveillance to people, not religions.
This all baffles me.  High school students can hack into government secure servers, but all of our intelligence services cannot seem to create a program which scans all social media for specific words which will then redirect the computer for a more detailed analysis.  Maybe it is time we hire these high school hackers to handle social media surveillance.
I guess I did have something to say.

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