Thursday, December 17, 2015

I did not file a claim because I do not believe I have any damage from the last rains.  I have things I need to do to better protect my property, but that is my responsibility not FEMA's. 
FEMA yesterday was going door to door signing up anyone who may have damage for an inspection.  Guys. just make sure you ask for their ID before you give up a lot of personal information.
To my amazement when I was at the Administration building about 9:30 a.m. to print the documents for the next story, I got a call from a FEMA inspector.  The interviewers yesterday were from Dallas.  The cell number for the inspector is from Puerto Rico.  As I type I am waiting on the inspector.  I was told because my AC went under water, and I had water along the west side of house along the wall, they need to inspect for foundation damage and possible damage to AC unit. 
It is great how fast they are working to help people.  I am willing to bet the inspector will find no damage, unless it is on the roof, where I cannot see. 
My bedroom is on the southwest corner of the house.  My roommate lives in the living room which I converted into a very, very large bedroom for him and it is at the north east side of the house.  I almost never go to the east side of the house.  In the middle of the house is a very large eat in kitchen and large dinning room.  I had no use for the living room since the house on my side of the house has a very large family room.
Anyway one day my roommate calls me from work and asks I go into his room for something.  I noticed what appears to be wet stains on the wall where it connects to the ceiling - yea it was shadows from the recessed lighting
Inspector just left.  I suspect he will find no damage.  The AC pictures need to be examined by someone at FEMA.
I give FEMA an A+ for their timeliness and efficiency.

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Anonymous said...

be sure its really FEMA and not a public adjuster trying to get you to make a claim against your insurance co