Monday, December 14, 2015


You need to click on his FB link to view the speech.  It is short.

Here is the deal.  It is a presidential election year.  Unless Jeremy SoRelle can convince the people of Cameron county that the Democrats can just not be trusted and a Republican DA is the only solution to end the corruption, he has no chance of winning.  The idea that the majority of the people are not just going to mark the all Democrat box come next November just because people like Jeremy SoRelle, is not enough to win.  He has to convince the people he is the only solution to ending the corruption by the Democrats.


I cannot say why, because it is based on a confidential conversation, but Jeremy SoRelle appears to be the real deal.  This plays well for his campaign.  His words are not just what we want to hear.  I believe he knows the system is broke.  I also believe he knows there are problems statewide.

SoRelle cannot win solely based on reminding people of the Limas/Villalobos affair.  He needs to prove through examples the corruption which is being covered up.  He can say it exists, but without specific demands specific cases be addressed, he is just making words.


In social media we know about it.  The social media audience is way too small to help SoRelle overcome the straight Democrat voters.  Only the BV has never tried to inflate its numbers to make it appear billions are reading.  Social Media numbers are complex.  One person can click onto a blog from work, from their home, and from their phone and the system will record that one person as three people clicking on blog or FB account.  Creating a fake FB account takes about three minutes.

Jeremy SoRelle needs to be specific about the corruption he references in his speech while getting out his message to get the straight Democratic voters to break with the Party.  The Cameron county Democratic Party is hopelessly corrupt and contemptuous of the law and rules.  The problem is getting out the message. The Republicans should run someone for county judge so they can make an issue of Commissioners Sanchez continued place at the meetings because Sepulveda cut a deal to not name his replacement until after the primaries. It would just bring the issue of the corruption home for the voters.

If SoRelle will just come up with specifics on the corruption and can then get out the message beyond social media he might be able to pull it off.

BUT, he must accept we are in a presidential year, in a county where the Democrats control, and looking at a field of Republican Presidential candidates who are currently leading less than two months before the Iowa Caucasus who have turned the process into a circus. 

Independents decide who wins.  SoRelle must find these Independents and convinced them this race is about Cameron county and the corruption and not the presidential race.  He needs to remain silent on who he supports for president.  He must distance the DA race from the presidential race.

BUT IN THE END, if he only has words with no examples, he will move no one.

SoRelle's campaign is a major uphill campaign.  But if he comes up with examples of this corruption he sees every day, he proves he is the real deal and that will move voters to vote for the person and not the political party label.  But he must move more than Independents, he must also move Democrats who are tired of the failed Democratic Party of Texas and Cameron county.  It can be done, but only if he can make headlines with specifics concerning the corruption.


Anonymous said...

What happened to you are way to soft. You haven't been reporting anything worth reading in the last few weeks. Nothing on the DA Luis Saenz, Mellissa Landin, Dan Sanchez, Pete Sepulveda, Sofia Benavidez,City Of Brownsville, BISD.

To me it seems like they warned you to back off or else you will get indicted. You must have pissed somebody off pretty good for your soft touch.

BobbyWC said...

I made it clear weeks ago I am bored with the elections. Nothing is going to change. My brother takes a good 4 hours a day to deal with all of his problems. the VA is working with me. I am trying to finalize which nursing home he will be moved to in Houston.

Why should I take time away from my brother and myself to keep on posting the same information over and over again.

I reported months ago Melissa was lying to Saenz and was in fact looking for work. Well I guess my sources were correct. I am not going to repeat the story.

I have been very strong in saying the DA's race is a shame. I have been strong on saying I will not vote for anyone for county judge who does not follow the rules.

There is nothing new happening. My time is best spent when I have it to work with federal and state authorities to force change. It will not happen at the polls - it has to happen with indictments.

No one has threatened me - smart people know better. I do not fear indictment based on evidence because there is none.

So I will live my life and not waste it on posting the same stories over and over again.

The corruption will only change after indictments. That is where the work needs to be done and that is where I put my time. Rewriting the same thing over and over again about Saenz will change nothing. Those who read Social Media for the most part will not vote Saenz. The story is done

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

While I appreciate your support, I do not publish comments which promote other blogs or social media. The BV has worked hard to build its readership. Let them get out there and learn to meet with the right people who will help promote their readership.

Also let me say, a lot of readers have told me they are tired of this election cycle - they want evidence things will change. Just writing the same thing over and over again is not news or helpful.

But I appreciate your support.

Now if I get evidence of a new event, I will run it. But the reality is even ADA's who work with Saenz who I know will be voting for SoRelle are telling me the mood is bad and unless you are part of his inner tight circle no information is getting out. I think the deal making has slowed as we get closer and closer to the election.

Now the Chambers trial is going to be interesting. The timing could not be worse for all parties concerned. If Saenz wins it helps Victor Cortez and Saenz, if he loses it helps Chambers and Masso. I want to cover the trial but I do not know if I will be able to.

Bobby WC