Sunday, December 13, 2015

I could be a billionaire and Bella could graduate with a perfect GPA, and a perfect SAT and I would not agree to pay for her to go to U.T. or any of the so called top schools.  The reason is simple.  These mega universities are not the proper place for some students who will just become a number among thousands.  I hope Bella will agree to go to UTEP where I know she will get a top of the line education in any field she chooses, while being prepared for graduate school at one of the top schools in the country.
I like most of my friends were accepted to top notch graduate schools.  Had I found an apartment I could have afforded in a part of Harlem which was not a war zone - this was 1980 - not today, I would have attended Columbia.  My friend Teresa who wrote "Rekindle" received her masters in mathematics at Columbia.  Everyone I associated with who chose graduate school went to a top of the line graduate school.  They were all at UTEP recruiting - and not just Hispanics.  They knew if we did well at UTEP we were prepared for a top of the line graduate school.
Something UTEP did for me was get me caught up with all of those kids who had a private high school education.  I was pushed and pushed hard.  Had I gone to U.T. I would have been a number with no support.  I came from a good high school, but it was not at par with a good private school.  I had to play catch up, and UTEP did that for me.
Now in Bella's case, if she continues at the rate she is going, I will have her reading all of the classics my middle school.  In Kinder she is already taking reading comprehension tests and passing with flying colors.  Her mother has been told she is gifted and at some point will be tested for being moved ahead.  It is a process.  She is being pushed harder and harder every day and meeting the challenge.  But her home education is what is going to put her ahead of the pack.
Bella is funny because she loves her dolls and play things, but she also loves her National Geographic, tablet and IPOD.  This kid is like an insatiable sponge.  So long as she is willing to learn more and more, I will make sure she has everything she needs.  By high school she will have read all of the classics you normally read in high school.  High school will be for Plato and others.
I am hoping by 9th grade she will allow me to teach her Latin.  If you want to be the best you need 4 years of Latin. 
But in the end, even with all of this, I believe she will thrive at UTEP more so than U.T., not because she is not smart, but because a smaller university is a better match for her success.
I am not saying I agree with Scalia in every word - but he has raised an argument which needs to be considered.
You know Bella's IQ could be measured higher than most people going to U.T., but it will not change the fact at BISD she is not going to be exposed to the same rigorous training many of these students received in private high schools.  Maybe by the time Bella gets to middle school BISD will have a rigorous program similar to a top of the line private school.  That being the case, I would support her going to the University of Chicago, or a university of similar caliber.


Anonymous said...

But you can't make people listen. They have to come round in their own time, wondering what happened and why the world blew up around them. It can't last.

Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

The pc push is not fixing the problem ..

Anonymous said...

I agree with pretty much you've written, but I would respectfully disagree on few points. There are many schools that have dedicated programs for underrepresented minorities and could be excellent choices should they be accepted. While UTEP provides an excellent education due to the focus on the individual student, many of the Ivies offer the same opportunities. If the student is accepted and meets the financial aid requirements, the Ivies and near Ivies are essentially "free" rides for the students. Further, the study/mentor resources offered to these students are unparalleled.

These are the schools that students feel are unattainable but really should be an option.

BobbyWC said...

The good news for Bella is she will qualify for financial aid. About when she is in 10the grade I suspect education will look completely different than it does today. But about then I will begin my research. Of course where she goes will be her decision, but since I will be throwing money that way I hope to have some influence.

Bobby WC