Thursday, December 17, 2015

What the Sanchez divorce is proving is, it is not about Anglo-Privilege - it is about economic privilege.  Browns and blacks with money do fine in court, but regardless of race without money justice is rarely an option.  It is true browns and blacks are disproportionally poor, so they have fewer rights because of their economic status, which in some cases may have to do with their race.

I am running late, so I will have to post the documents later, but this morning Gamez filed an emergency motion to seal the drug test results for Robert Sanchez.  The problem is he asked to seal exhibit A which is the temporary orders, and not exhibit B which is the drug test results.

Yesterday I forgot to print them out.  This morning I ran to the Administration building for the document.  So Gamez can get the temporary orders sealed, but I still have the drug test results which I can publish - which is protected by the First Amendment.

This case in my humble opinion has two father in laws way too involved.  The primaries need to stop the drama in court and work through counselling and their counsel outside of court to work this matter out.

Hopefully knowing the constant court drama means public coverage will force them to work it out in counselling and through counsel.

Saenz needs to think about the long term emotional consequences of asking a child to testify against a father for a slap on the hand.  This is not putting the child first.  When this storm goes out to sea the goal should be the children being allowed to live in peace with two parents, each going their own way and leaving the other be.  It can happen.  But not with all of this drama.  Children should never have to choose between parents.  I have seen it play out in court and the child always loses.

Emilio Sanchez, father to Robert, thinks he is going to buy a result - he is not.  This case is going to be decided on the best interests of the children and not who has the most money.  Economic privilege will not decide this case.  I can only hope Emilio Sanchez understands Gamez makes mistakes and this last mistake is why the drug test results are being posted.

Calm it down guys - stop the filings - get into parenting classes and counseling,  It is time to control the anger by the primaries and the interfering father in laws.

Again exhibit A is the temporary orders signed by the court, so how can it be ex parte.  Gamez clearly meant exhibit B which is the drug test results.  I want to be clear about something.  Gamez certainly knows how to challenge the methodology used in drug screening.  In the end Gamez may prove the results are not reliable. 

But this is not how Sanchez should go.  He needs to look himself in the mirror and decide if he wants peace for his children or continue with this mess which has now landed him with what will probably be three criminal charges, and some evidence of possible drug use.

Lorrie needs to think about how she will support her children if Robert loses the business over all of this.  Yea anger may make you feel good about settling a score, but when all is done and said will it feed your children?

End the nonsense, get parenting classes, and counselling - calm it down - stop the nonsense.


Anonymous said...

In the old days we tried to warn them that it was about class, not race. But you know what, while you can't change your race, you can do something about class, as long as it is measured by bank accounts. It's part of the American Dream, to be rich enough to get away with shit.

Anonymous said...
The word disproportionally may be used the wrong word.