Tuesday, December 8, 2015


I agree Kiko Rendon has been less than competent as the Board President, but going into this election he will be able to say under his leadership TSC became accredited, tuition is down, and enrollment is up.  They also have a stable bond rating.

Anyone tied to Adela Garza needs to run from her.  I am sure as this election develops and the campaign goes negative, all of Adela's efforts to discredit Lily Tercero will be held against any candidate tied to Adela.  This is sad, because your vote should be based on the candidate and not who is backing them. 


Anonymous said...

Just come out and say it already! You are supporting Kiko because you are tying Ruben to Adela...and you hate Adela. You do it every election, you bash people that you think are associated to people you do not like. What a nut case you are.....you have no credibility in this town.

BobbyWC said...

Delusional comes to mind when I think of your post.

Fact - in the original post every comment I approved favored Ruben. I have repeatedly called Kiko a failed leader.

I rejected every comment which claimed Ruben was Adela's lapdog.

Even in this post I told my readers to vote for the person and not based on who they are tied to.

So how from all of this you get I am endorsing Kiko is beyond me.

And I do not hate Adela - I have never met the woman. But hopefully Ruben will be able to articulate Kiko's failed leadership in ways Adela never could.

I cannot help the political reality of accreditation, lower tuition, growing enrollment, and a stable bond issue. Of course Kiko is going to use these things in his election. I have no control over any of this.

But unfortunately for Ruben some people are going to make him look stupid with moronic comments like this. All I can say to my readers is, just because an anony makes a moronic comment in favor of a candidate does not mean the candidate agrees with the moronic comment.

Anonymous said...

You can't have it both ways Bobby. You praise the accomplishments of the TSC yet you criticize the leadership of the board. The two are not mutually exclusive. Make up your mind or write about something else.

BobbyWC said...

I have also noted problems. I do not have a problem identifying the good the bad an evil. I do not live in one world.

Bobby WC