Thursday, December 3, 2015

Up for reelection on the TSC Board of Trustees is Trey Mendez, Kiko Rendon, and Ed Rivera.  My sources are telling me candidates have already been recruited to target Ed Rivera and Kiko Rendon.  They are both blamed for the discord between some staff and TSC President Lily Tercero.
The evidence will show a stable bond rating, increased enrollment, and possibly by then full separate accreditation from the old UTB.  If the accreditation does not come this month then it will be in the summer.  But if it does come this month, then it will be hard to argue Lily Tercero has not done her job.
The basic problem is simple.  Power.  Dr. Tercero inherited a lot of UTB people who wanted to keep the old failed system in place.  It took a heavy hand to bring them under control.  The problem is, her hand should have been moderated with greater public support from the Board.  Instead Ed Rivera and Kiko Rendon backed her heavy handed ways.  You do not change an old failed system without making people mad.  Juliet Garcia left a mess and regardless of who her replacement was, the replacement was going to be blamed for the discord which was sure to follow.
The problem is, instead of Kiko Rendon helping her through the process he gave Dr. Tercero a clear path to do as she pleased.  I am not saying her decisions were bad, I am saying it could have been done differently had she had a Board President willing to sit her down and try and mediate the discord.
Kiko Rendon and Ed Rivera will raise a lot of money in an election most people will not even notice.  After March, people are going to be electioned out. I do not see much interest in this election.  Unless those who have been recruited can raise a lot of awareness and money, I see their campaigns going nowhere.  Unless, they have been recruited by Juliet Garcia supporters.
There are two groups targeting Kiki Rendon and Ed Rivera - Adela Garza and her supporters and Juliet Garcia and her supporters.  My sources are just telling me the elections will be contested.  I have not been given names.
The names will come out soon enough and then we will know who is running the opposition. 

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