Wednesday, November 18, 2015


While Texas A & M is giving to the LRGV left and right the UT Board of Regents is working with every inept and corrupt politico in the LRGV to rob us blind.

First, my hats off to Mission, Texas for saying enough is enough.

From the Herald:

"The City of Mission has “opted out” of a memorandum of understanding with the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley that commits the city to providing financial support for the university’s medical school, a UTRGV official told county commissioners Tuesday morning."


Key to the development of the medical school is a regional community hospital and VA Hospital.  This is the model used by U.T.  The community hospital and VA Hospital are made into teaching hospitals thereby denying the patients the care of actual board certified doctors and specialists.  A specialist in training is called a Fellow, and I can assure you they have nearly zero clinical experience and will send a sick patient away before they concede they just do not have the knowledge to treat the patient.

When I finally saw the pain management doctor at the VA in San Antonio who in 10 minutes of discussion diagnosed the tear in my annulus tissue thereby causing the neuropathy, it was after a neurologist Fellow rejected the referral from my primary care doctor stating I had already been seen by a neurologist Fellow and found to have nothing wrong with me.  Dr. Hays proved through live x-rays - fluoroscope the tear in the annulus tissue and repaired it.  After some 8-9 procedures to fix the problem and repair the nerve endings Dr. Hays has a lot of fluoroscope x-rays to prove his findings, but yet the Fellow said nothing was wrong with me.


Congressman Vela is pushing for VA money to help fund the medical school while veterans are dying from a lack of care.  The Coastal Bend VA System is based in Harlingen.  We have a day surgical wing which is very good, and a lot of specialists.  I know of at least two who should not have medical licenses, but most are very highly qualified in their fields.

Veterans from Laredo and Corpus Christi are forced to drive to Harlingen to see these specialists.  Those without disability ratings have to pay for their trip, so many are just refusing care because they do not have the money.  Many of those who receive travel pay are no longer making the trip because the VA in some cases is 4 months behind in paying the travel pay.  The veterans simply do not have the money for gas, so they do not make the appointments.  Before the budget crisis which Congressman Vela is ignoring, the VA use to have a travel office which would pay the veteran for the travel in cash after their appointment.  It may not seem much to you, but if you do not have the money, you cannot make the trip.  That money was their return gas money.  So now many simply refuse care because they have no means of getting to Harlingen from Laredo or Corpus.


Hidalgo county is never going to approve a community hospital. It has been voted down already.  With the recent flooding and lack of drainage I do not think any politician would be dumb enough to put it back on the agenda for a vote while telling the people there is no money to address the drainage problems.  It is just not going to happen in Cameron county without a battle royal.

That leaves the VA as the medical school's only option for a teaching hospital to complement the medical school.  Without a teaching hospital there is no medical school.


Veterans supporting the hospital are so obsessed with the concept of a building, they are not thinking about the quality of care.  It is the quality of care which matters, not the building.  The VA system in Harlingen needs to expand to 24/7 emergency care, and 24/7 radiological testing and emergency testing.  The lab needs to be open 24/7 along with the pharmacy.  Salaries need to be raised to recruit more doctors.  But we do not need a hospital wherein care is turned over to doctors in training.

It is the right of the Veteran to refuse the services of a Fellow.  But I can assure you the attending who is part of the medical school will retaliate.  My doctor rejected the recommendations of a cardiologist Fellow because he recommended a medication I am allergic to.  I refused the care of the Fellow but the attending from University Hospital made it clear the VA rules  did not apply to him.  The chief medical officer in SA ordered the chief of cardiology to see me personally after the Fellow messed up.  I got to the appointment and was told the chief of cardiology had no intentions of leaving University Hospital and cross the street to the VA.  My choice was a Fellow or no care.  I went to the Chief Medical Officer's office and he called the Chief of Cardiology and read him the riot act.

The appointment ended badly.  My sleep apnea doctor had his clinic in the room just across from where I was.  He could hear the yelling.  The Chief of Cardiology had me pinned up against the wall yelling he was going to prove I am a coke addict.  He was looking into my eyes.  He was mad as hell he had to go to the cardiology clinic, which by the way requires a Board Certified Cardiologist to be at the clinic at all times.  The Chief of Cardiology made it clear he was too busy to attend clinics.

My sleep apnea doctor came into the room and said "did I or did I not tell you to tell your primacy care doctor to not send you to the cardiology clinic."  You see he knew what was happening.  He soon thereafter left the VA because he could no longer stand how cardiac patients were being treated.  Dr. Moody did not so much as receive a reprimand.  This is what the Veterans demanding a hospital want for veterans. This is how the UT medical schools treat veterans.


The UT System is one of the wealthiest university systems in the world, but yet demand disabled veterans surrender their healthcare and the poorest of the poor fund their medical school.  How the members of the UT Board of Regents look themselves in the face in the morning is beyond me.

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