Saturday, November 28, 2015

The religious right is all over social media claiming the shooting was in fact a failed bank robbery at Chase.  From the Denver Post:  "Officials confirm the shooting began at the Planned Parenthood."
I agree before this is done and over with the story may change again.  But when the officials are telling the press the shooting began in the Planned Parenthood, I do not understand how the religious right can say it began in Chase.  Now I will be the first to agree that the shooter could have walked into the Chase for a bank robbery, saw it was not going to happen and ran into the Planned Parenthood.
It's possible - but all of this nonsense on the Internet that it is a liberal conspiracy to claim the target was Planned Parenthood while the investigation remains pending only serves to make social media less reliable.
For now I will sit tight and see what the investigation turns up. 
From Breitbart who is not know to agree with anyone on the left.
"6:32 PM EST
At 4:15 pm MT Colorado Springs Police Department spokeswoman Lt. Catherine Buckley said the gunman currently holed up in a Planned Parenthood clinic in the city began his attack there and that he brought “bags” with him."

But also from Breitbart:

"The witness said the suspect ran from the bank to the Planned Parenthood clinic."

I cannot find one report from the police, Chase Bank, or the city of Colorado Springs which supports the claim the incident began at Chase. 

But I will still hold to allow more time for an investigation.

The Religious Right does not want to deal with the fact this is a truth - fake radicalized Christians kill innocent people in the name of Jesus - no different than the fake radicalized Muslims killing in the name of Islam.

I will give authorities time to complete the investigation.  But my question from everyone calling on better monitoring of the Syrian refugees, do you support making a list of all fake radicalized Christians for 24/7 monitoring?  I highly doubt it.  If the final report is the target was Planned Parenthood, will Trump demand arresting all fake radicalized Christians?

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