Sunday, November 1, 2015


EDITOR'S NOTE:  The vile politics of Brownsville and Cameron county is not unique to our area.  When you are out there tying together the political machines it sickens you.  Jessica Tetreau has a shit fit every time Juanito goes after her for pay, but is best friends with Cata Presas-Garcia who routinely pays Juanito to defame her fellow board members.  You see according to Jessica it is okay for Cata to do to other people what other people pay Juanito to do to her.

I have seen enough of the joining of the political machines to sicken the strongest person on the planet.  I read comments by two-faced elected officials on Jessica's FB page who have looked me in the face and called her a two face backstabber - and a lot worse. 

There is no loyalty among any of these people - they create these fake alliances to survive.  It is so evil and filthy I just cannot cover it any more.  I will every so often - but it could be weeks without me covering the courts or politics.  This post is something I enjoy doing.  Politics and the courts give me no joy - so unless I am drawn into a fake story related to politics or other public or semi-public officials, do not expect more  local politics discussion from the BV.


Picture it, 1983, and I attend my first Dallas Gay Alliance meeting.  I was osterized for asking how come it was not named the Dallas Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Alliance?  Then I asked why some bars banned lesbians?  That was it, I was not welcome at the meetings.  It was like the end of humanity when I defended bisexuality as valid.  Not according to these self serving gay men trying to control the conversation.

We spent years fighting the Dallas Gay Alliance to allow women into all of the clubs, and allowing blacks and browns to be bartenders instead of just bar backs. It made national news when the women finally rebelled and they had to rename the organization as the Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance.

Then came the  Stonewall riots debate.  The first who were out of the closet were those mostly out on the fringe - leather types, drag queens, transgender, transsexuals etc.  There were other groups but a name for them is just now developing.  One year the committee in charge of the Dallas Gay and Lesbian Freedom Parade banned all floats with anyone promoting any of the groups who stood and fought at the Stonewall riots.  That was it for me - I never again associated with them.

I will never forget when we started PFLAG and they denounced us - well until the press was giving us a lot of coverage and then they begged to be associated with us.  I did my part for PFLAG but never spoke a word to the alliance again.  I remember when I raised gay youth suicide and they went haywire saying the press would accuse us of trying to recruit children.  I did not care - I cared about the national study which showed young people outside what is considered the standard sexual roles committing suicide at an alarming rate.

Well my roommate's daughter was visiting and was watching some show on VH1 which discusses all of the groups - there are just too many to list - non-binary - meaning not identifying as a man or woman, pangender, queergender - and it goes on and on.

So I asked her how do the kids at her high school deal with all of this.  Being a teenager I believed her response was typical teenager - don't bother me.  I pushed and finally realized she did not understand how I was phrasing the question because she was unaware there was anything to feel.

For her and her  friends this is all just life with nothing to think about.  She laughed and said her girlfriends are jealous of the boys who do a better job at make-up.  When did this happen?

She did not understand my question because it did not occur to her anyone would care about such things - people are people and that is it.

It is like the war for equality ended and someone forgot to tell me.  I felt like that Japanese soldier hiding in a cave still looking to kill us because years after the war ended no one told him.  Yea the fringe of society will continue to fight to stop the advancement of equality - but the war is in the clean up phase.  It is over.

For me our youth embracing acceptance of one another is a great thing.  It gives me great hope for our future.  I was also told BISD staff are doing fine with it.  I am assuming anyone who has a problem with the changes remain silent.


Anonymous said...

This is a very strange post.

BobbyWC said...

Why? This is reality. Our youth are way ahead of us. Bella who is six told me her cousin is going to become a boy when she turns 18.

I just walked away because I had no idea how to respond, plus I see a response to be the sole purview of the parent when dealing with a 6 year old. It seemed normal to Bella.

I've been at this a very, very long time and the speed with which this is moving is blowing me away - so I expect others who are new to all of this to be taken aback.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Strange post? Well, some people are just uncomfortable with discussing sexuality and would rather just shut down or lampoon any attempt to discuss sexuality issues. Being from the valley, I have realized that in sexual matters we are eons behind in our acceptance of the LGBT community. Do we even discuss LGBT issues, no. Is our Hispanic upbringing preventing us from doing so? Is it that we were raised to be "machos"? We will never know, as we refuse to even discuss to sexuality in the open.

Anonymous said...

This is so true! I've seen it. That spark does exist, the spark that we are first and foremost human. It's not the same as being idealist, but it is realistic acceptance. However, don't discount the assholes who seem to come out of the more religious segments of our society. There's a bunch of 'em out there that don't see all humans as equal.