Thursday, November 5, 2015

Today I went to Stables for supplies.  Stables has renegotiated its lease to lease only half of its original size.  The place is a mess.  They are discontinuing a lot of items.
For some 30 years I have used the same size and design At a Glance calendar binder.  Stables did not have any 2016 calendar binders. I already have over 20, 2016, appointments so I really needed a new appointment binder. The isles are very tight.  I will not return.  For an extra 5 minutes I can go to Office Depot, which had everything I was looking for.
The internet and technology is changing office supply.  Today in Texas both at the federal and state level  documents are filed electronically.  The need for paper has decreased tremendously.  Once I have a final draft I pdf all my work and paste in my signature and email it. No paper needed.
The need for envelopes has dropped tremendously.  On the 1st and 15th I go to my bank on line, click on pay bills and electronically pay all my bills which are due.  I have no use for checks or envelopes to mail my bills.  I do use paper and envelopes, but rarely.
This impact technology has had on office supplies is now impacting office supply stores.
I suspect within the year Staples will outright close. 

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