Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I have until about noon or 1 until the fatigue puts me in bed for 4 hours of additional sleep.  The medicine for the diaphragm spasms is working - I know because I got so busy with my brother at 8 this morning I forgot to take it until just now when the pain became unbearable.
My brother will always come first.  I have an hour to two hours to do as much work for him as possible.  He has had two more strokes and his wife is interfering with his medical care.  I am working to have a guardian other than me appointed so the wife and her daughters stop complaining I am interfering with the nursing home too much. 
The state has two separate investigations going.  A high profile Dallas law firm has been reviewing the case for two weeks.  My brother fractured his hip after falling out of bed so many times.  With an independent guardian calling the shots as to everything then the court will begin to understand how my sister in law and her daughters are never going to stop until they are given complete control over my brother - namely the money. The good news is the police were at the nursing home and witnessed the doctor telling my brother he has to go to the ER and my sister in law getting him so upset it became impossible to move him.
So I am busy.   

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