Sunday, November 8, 2015


Based on current predictions this storm will most likely go up the west or east coast of Florida so we seem to be in the clear.  But I would not rely on predictions this early in the process.  For now at most if the storm goes up the west coast of Florida, we may have problems with tides, but that is about it.  The BV will keep an eye on the storm. 

People clear you yards of debris - take you bulk garbage to the city dumbs.  It is free if you bring your BPUB bill. 

I will know tomorrow after I call someone if I have found someone who delivers top soil by the yard.  I have a team of friends and family ready to regrade the west side of my house before the next storm.   I will buy the St. Augustine at the flee market to cover the top soil after I regrade it.

Once I confirm this man in fact delivers by the yard I will post his business card.  I know my neighbor is also looking for a yard of dirt to regrade his entire home.  For now he is very busy putting in drainage systems.  He showed me what he is putting in near his AC instead of a shower drain.  I will go to Lowes and get the same thing for my AC area and then run the new 2 " PVC pipes to the street.

It is the city's job to provide for sufficient space for the water to drain into, but my responsibility to protect my home and do what is necessary to keep it from flooding.

And as to the people already complaining about the mosquitos - it is not the city's job to spray your yard or business.  They will spray my alley - but I sprayed my yard. Best to spray at dusk - and make sure there is no wind.

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