Monday, November 16, 2015

Pictured is my sister in law, her sister and their mom Jean.  Jean lives next door to my brother and sister in law and just down the block from my sister.  I love going next door for coffee and Danish.  When Jean knows I am coming she will always have a large bag of frozen meatballs for me to bring back.  Her parents were right off the boat from Italy so she knows how to cook Italian.  My sister in law is also an excellent Italian cook. Both sets of grandparents were right off the boat from Italy.
I have known Jean since maybe age 10.  She was a wonderful friend to my mom and provider her so much moral support as a widow raising 7 kids.  She is one of those devote Catholics who judges no one and loves everyone.  My sister's mother in law Betty is the same - a devote Catholic who loves everyone and judges no one.  Both Jean and Betty were both great friends to mom.  I guess that is why I am so close to both.  Both are in their 90's. Imagine, Nicaraguan, Italian and Irish women all best friends.  It happens when all three base their love without judgment.
Getting old is funny.  There was a time when I lived in Dallas I went to NY every month.  I miss those long weekends.  My family is tight and nearly every weekend there is some gathering by all or a smaller subgroup.  Where they all live you cannot even get a shack for under $400,000.  Maybe some day if I win the lottery I can go home.  Life is funny.  We are all tight and love doing things together.  I am so ready to move back - but the cost of living is way out of my range.  Everyone is a two family income.  I am one.  Not even cancer can stop you from working.  My sister is doing awesome after her lung cancer and continues to work at age 65, and her husband at 67 continues to work while undergoing chemo.  NY is expensive.  Cancer treatment is not a basis to stop working.

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