Monday, November 9, 2015

It is common knowledge among lawyers that ADA's and any private attorney working with them will be protected against a State Bar Complaint.  This is why all of the complaints against Villalobos were dismissed as Inquiries and never moved forward.  The last time I checked Villalobos is sitting in federal prison.
The BV has already announced that the State Bar is poised to dismiss my nephew's complaint against Gus Garza and Louis Sorola because Gus Garza is an ADA.  It is exactly what my nephew was told by me would happen.  It is futile seeking disciplinary action against an ADA or a private attorney working with an ADA.

The complaint was an improper dismissal of felony charges against a Hector Negrete, who family member worked on Saenz's campaign and donated money to Saenz.  The complaint was never about the sufficiency of the evidence.  But Sorola lies to the State Bar in his response because he had no defense on the double jeopardy complaint.


When you read the above the impression you get is Negrete's attorney withdrew on the 9th in open court and Sorola was appointed.  This is Sorola's explanation for being appointed out of order.  The problem is the docket sheet shows the Motion to Withdraw was filed on the 5th, granted on the 7th, and Sorola was not appointed until the 9th.

08/05/2013  Motion
Motion to Withdraw as Counsel
08/07/2013  Motion
Motion for Continuance
08/07/2013  Order (Judicial Officer: Nelson, Arturo Cisneros )
Order -Granting Leticia Barguiarena's Motion to Withdraw as Attorney for defendant
08/09/2013  Announcement  (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Nelson, Arturo Cisneros)
Result: Reset
08/09/2013  Journal Entry (Judicial Officer: Nelson, Arturo Cisneros )
State appeared, Mr. Louis Sorola appointed out of turn and requested a continuance, state not opposed. Case reset to 8/16/13 at 9 a.m.

So how can attorneys be so blatant in their ability to lie to or mislead the State Bar? ADA's and DA's are protected and that is how we got Armando Villalobos. It is that simple. What does this tell you about the State Bar when they find no wrongdoing in lying to the State Bar? It tells you they are a criminal enterprise. I am proud of my work in this field and will continue to fight the corrupt lawyers and judges. My readers can expect a lot more on Louis Sorola.

The State Bar Complaint has nothing to do with the sufficiency of the evidence.  The allegation is he made a bogus argument of double jeopardy.  Sorola cannot defend on the double jeopardy so he tries to misdirect the State Bar into thinking the dismissal was on insufficient evidence.  There are two problems with this.  One insufficient evidence was never alleged, and two Negrete already had plead guilty to damaging the other motorcycle which would have been more than sufficient evidence to convict Negrete in my nephew's case.
06/14/2013  Plea With Attorney (Judicial Officer: Betancourt, Laura L. )
This day this cause was called for trial and the parties appeared and announced ready for trial. The defendant appeared in person and by his/her attorney and waived a trial by jury and submitted the decision of the cause to the Court. Thereupon, the Court stated to the defendant the accusation and in open court the defendant pleaded guilty to said accusation. The Court, after hearing the evidence finds the defendant guilty/ defers the finding guilt and fixed the punishment at: Trial courts certification of defandants Right of appeal signed and entered
06/14/2013  Jail Sentence (Judicial Officer: Betancourt, Laura L. )
$ 0.00 fine and court cost, 76days in jail. Credit for time served and to run concurrent with all other cases.

And just to be complete - note the donation from Negrete's family member who was also part of Saenz's campaign team.
My sources at the court house have informed me that the matter is being looked at as an overt attempt by Sorola and Juanito to intimidate a judge to obstruct justice.  This is a federal crime.  I do not know if Judge Salazar has been interviewed yet as to the impact these threats are having on her ability to do her job.
There is also the issue of what representations were made to the defendant when visited by Juanito.  We have the proof he spoke with the defendant and family.  We also have the video tape which has been turned over to the proper authorities showing Juanito and Sorola working together in the court house.
The Texas Legislature wrote into law that JP's cannot require pro se's to hire lawyers.  The Texas Supreme Court in writing the new rules of procedure wrote in 500.4, which says a family member may assist.  It says nothing about what forms good cause.  This has been going on for decades in JP's courts. 
"(d) The rules adopted by the supreme court may not:
(1) require that a party in a case be represented by an attorney;" 
The key is the person assisting, not representing, is not paid and is not signing any pleadings.  And finally the U.S. Supreme Court has found twice so long as the person is not holding themselves out as beings a lawyer or charging a fee Freedom of Speech protects their right to direct anyone as to the law.  But hey this is Sorola what would he or his inept JP Mary Esther Garcia Sorola wife know about the law or constitution?
JP Mary Esther Garcia Sorola appears to have slept through all her training.
Both federal and state law are replete with rules which allow non lawyers to ask for relief for pro se's.  In fact federal law provides for non lawyers to work on Social Security and VA claims .
The Texas Probate Code 683 and 683a allow non-lawyers to file court pleadings on behalf of third parties asking that they be appointed a guardian.
I chose not to publish any of this for weeks - but Sorola demanded it be pubished.  Mary Esther Garcia Sorola can expect all of the complaints coming from her court to be fully covered.  Oscar Garcia and Art McDonald are in for blood baths.  Alex Dominguez is a joke and can expect the worst.  It did not have to be, but Juanito knows without me he cannot go to any of these people to ask for drinking money to defend them so he has to keep me blogging.


Anonymous said...

Hello There Bobby.

I guess a Veterans Appreciation Event is not good enough for Juan. Looks like Alex's (Zeke) check just got cashed.

O well politics as usual.

More beer money for Juanito.

BobbyWC said...

Alez and Zeke are in for a horse whooping - Alex pulled out of the County Judge race because he could not raise the money - the party money was not going to go his way. He was told as much. He has also been told he has no future in Cameron county so long as Zeke works for him.

The full story coming. It did not have to be, but they wanted it and they will get it

Zeke has a proven record of gambling - it is an addiction and when he loses he just files bankruptcy to get rid of his gambling debt.

But the trustees have the right to deny the discharge as fraud

Alex gambled on the wrong addict - once an addict always an addict - the addition may change but the addictive personality will not.

Bobby WC