Sunday, November 15, 2015


This post is not to be interpreted as an endorsement of one candidate over another. I am simply opening a discussion.  Here is a hard core reality - Rene de Coss cannot win as a Republican.  As of this moment that leaves Gloria Rincones unchallenged for the 445th judicial district court.  To be honest based on an internet search it is not clear to me de Coss is even running for the position.

While some attorneys have told me de Coss is a good judge to be fair it is too early to know if he is a good or bad judge.  But to also be fair I have not heard one bad thing about his performance to date.

When lawyers speak of Gloria Rincones they say she is smart and qualified for the job in terms of knowledge of the law and experience.

The problem is the same lawyers say as to temperament she gets a big "F".  Being competent in the law will never overcome bad judicial temperament.


They know de Coss cannot win as a Republican. This is a presidential election.  Probably half the county is just going to fill in the all Democrat box.  The ballot is going to be double sided with a possible third page for BISD.  Voters are just not going to go through that many options - hence it is just easier to mark straight Democrat.

Many lawyers have been asked to challenge Rincones - not because of her competence in the law, but because of her temperament.  Believe it or not most lawyers just want to go to court and just have a fair shot for their client.  When the other side cheats they want the judges to handle it instead of getting on the attorney who is pointing out the unethical conduct of the other lawyer.  Most lawyers do not want to worry about a judge with a bad temperament.  It makes it a challenge to represent your client.

Even though the lawyers who have been asked to run against Rincones know de Coss cannot win, they do not want to run against someone they respect.


Federal Judge Rolando Olvera, ran as a Republican after being appointed by Governor Perry.  He lost.  With no hard feelings the controlling Republicans released him to run as a Democrat so he could win.  They cared more about Judge Olvera bringing his sense of justice to the bench, than the label under which he ran for office.

When the time came, Republican U.S. Senators Cornyn and Cruz went to President Obama and pursuant to senatorial courtesy asked that the President nominate Rolando Olvera to be a federal judge.  Judge Olvera had a good record, and President Obama nominated him to be a federal judge where he now serves.  The Republicans did not hold his switch in party labels against him.

RenĂ© de Coss needs to consider the path of Rolando Olvera and run as a Democrat.  Governor Abbott already anointed him as a trustworthy jurists.  This is what Governor Abbott cares about.


Unlike Rolando Olvera who proved himself as honorable over and over again, Oscar Garcia proved himself a liar and pathologically lying attack dog.  He undid himself through poor character.  Had he taken the path of Rolando Olvera he may still be on the bench, but he instead chose questionable tactics which have permanently cost him support by either Democrats of Republicans.


I am not saying he is the better choice.  The lawyers need more time to determine if he will be a good judge.  But the lawyers fund the campaigns.  If they like him they will fund him against Gloria Rincones. De Coss needs to decide if he intends to take the path of Rolando Olvera or Oscar Garcia.  His time is short.  But a Democratic Primary of Rincones v. de Coss is de Coss' best chance at retaining his position as judge of the 445th Judicial District Court.


Anonymous said...

Gloria's "temperament" is just her zealously representing her client, which is what the law requires. This "temperament" wouldn't be labeled as such if she were a male. I suggest you sit in a courtroom and watch her in action and then opine.

BobbyWC said...

First of all the male female double standard is not going to play here. The same lawyers who told me about her temperament problems are the ones telling she is smart and knows the law. Further I did not opine anything, I am just reporting what I have been told. When someone tells me she is smart and knows the law but has a temperament problem that tells me they are trying to be fair and balanced. They could have just said she has a temperament problem. They did not. They went out of their way to tell me she is smart and knowledgeable.

Bobby WC