Monday, November 9, 2015

Twice now I have tried to pull out of blogging on local politics.  These people are sick.  The story I have told of how Cris Valadez allowed me to sit in his office to prove Cata Presas-Garcia was paying for Juanito's phone, and how a few minutes later Juanito called back because he could not remember the phone call sickens me because the betrayal means nothing to either of them.  Cris was fed up with the middle of the night phone calls demanding money or else, so he wanted to use me to expose Cata who he hates and Montoya for his demands for money.
Cata is dumber than dumb - After her melt down at the airport it appeared immediately on the internet.  It was Jessica Tetreau standing behind her.  I was provided the video immediately.  But Cata will tell you Jessica would never betray her.  There is something profoundly wrong with these people.
I have from day one said - "no sacred cows."  Everyone was on notice.  I lied to no one. No sacred cows means providing me information does not buy you protection.  If it did it would be no different than me taking money for providing you protection.
Since Juanito's alcohol soaked brain cannot understand what it means when I say I do not want to cover the local scene anymore because it sickens me, to those paying him - I will fully publish everything I have on everyone paying him  - no rules of human decency will apply - if he continues to bring me or my family into his endless defamation, lies and bizarre conspiracy theories, I will unleash everything I have.
He is obsessed because I was paid $60,000 for his defamation against me  In his obsession he has made it nearly impossible for anyone who associates with him to win elective office.  He has damaged reputations.
Last warning, and then I will unleash everything I have.
And to those paying him . my warning includes the endless moronic anony posts.  Remember you are the ones paying him - the power is yours.
Twice now I have given him complete control over blogging local politics and twice now he is trying to force me back in - he needs me to extort money from the people who pay him to refute my reporting.


Anonymous said...

Now what Bobby...the ball is in your court. Are you going to cry like a bitch or are you going to man up and do what you said you will do? Juanito went at you again. Remember Bobby the biggest financial contributor was Luis Saenz. He played both of you.

BobbyWC said...

getting ready as I type. Saenz and I or anyone was ever an ally. I can assure you the State if very involved at this point with Sorola's threats and attempt to intimidate a judge . he is clueless as to what is coming his way from the State - not the State Bar - but higher up

Bobby WC