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Yesterday he wrote one of his pathetic fabricated stories claiming I mauled Justine Pointinger in Judge Salazar's court.  Inasmuch as he was cowering downstairs and too afraid to enter the courtroom we can assume it is just another example of his hallucinations from chronic intoxication.
During the proceedings Judge Salazar invited the mother of the defendant to stand next to her daughter to assist her, in the same way she invited me to stand next to my nephew.  Other than thanking the judge for her time I said nothing to the court.
When my nephew did not understand what Judge Salazar was asking of him I was allowed to explain the matter to him, not to the court.  The only mauling was when Justine verbally attacked my nephew and Judge Salazar shut her down.  I warned my nephew to remain silent and say nothing if he were attacked and to just trust the court to handle the matter. He said not one disparaging word about the defendant during the entire proceeding.
Judge Salazar took the hearing to explain to the defendant and her parents that she must answer the request for insurance once served on the defendant.  Judge Salazar was following the intent of the new rules to help the parties develop the case and carefully explain the rules.  She was giving the defendant as second chance.
The only thing I said to the defendant was before the hearing.  I said to her "you have an unfair advantage, because you have a well behaved baby and the judge will really like the baby for being so well behaved and quiet."  This is what Juanito calls mauling.
The insurance company will immediately hire an attorney at no expense to the defendant if she would just notify the insurance company.  Then my nephew will be in court without an attorney while the defendant has an attorney.  How is this bad for the defendant? 

Juanito goes from crucifying Ed Cyganiewicz for his role in the Victor and Kacie Garcia case - see below to Friday's post of calling them victims of mean old Bobby.  Had Juanito gotten the latest Victor Garcia case first he would be crucifying Ed again, but now he is going to make him into a victim because I got story first.

From Juanito:

"In Kacie's case, the DWI and the  Intoxicaion Assault With a Motor Vehicle were dismissed as paret of the plea bargain agreement. She pleaded guilty to the felony charge of Accident Involving Injury or Death.

The DA's office (Special Prosecutor Cyganewicz) agreed to the dismissal of the two charges and to have Flores sentence her to five years probation and to apply deferred adjudication after that so that the offense would not show up on her record.

In her brother Victor's case, the crackerjack defense also garnered him a dismissal (also with Special Prosecutor Cyganewicz's agreement) on the Accident Involving Injury or Death felony charge and his nolo contendre guilty plea on the  Failre to Report Felony Where Severe Bodily Injury or Death Results resulted in Flores going along the agreement between the DA's Office and Stapleton and assessed him 12 months probation and 24 hours of community service. The court also went along with placing Victor with deferred adjudication so that after he served his probation, the record of the offense would be erased".


It shocks no one that Juanito calls anyone prosecuted for DWI a victim.  Well Victor Garcia got a new DWI sending his victims by ambulance to the hospital.  I have from the DPS officer and supervisor clear statements that the investigation is complete.  Ed Cyganiewicz announced in open court he was ready for trial and turned over all discovery to Noe Garza.

But yet someone at DPS is telling the AG's office they do not have to answer my Open Records Request for the video because the case remains under investigation.  The FBI is fully aware someone at DPS at Saenz's request is running cover for his nephew.  Everyone knows how fast the video's are released of the DWI's.  The accident was in June, and the case is already set for trial but a supervisor at DPS claims the case remains under investigation.

An internal investigation at DPS will determine why this DPS official is lying and running cover for Saenz nephew.  According to Juanito none of this should be investigated. 

Ed Cyganiewicz filed a motion to adjudicate the original charge based on the new DWI but failed to subpoena the DPS officer to testify so the hearing was passed.  The second time before the DPS officer could be called as a witness Ed claimed he had not formally received the information on the new DWI and that the matter needed to be reset.  The DPS officer was there to testify, but Ed said no he wanted to wait.  At the next hearing Ed dismissed him the DPS officer and sent him away - so the court cancelled the hearing.  I did not attend the next hearing because I knew even thought the motion to adjudicate was set, Ed Cyganiewicz again failed to subpoena the DPS officer.   The hearing was reset again to February.

Victor Garcia blew a .3 alcohol level.  This is why he was charged with a class A instead of a class B.  Depending on the injuries of his victims it can still be bumped up to a felony.  DPS is claiming the police report with the victim's names is protected from disclosure because the case remains under investigation - but yet it is already set for trial and Cyganiewicz announced in open court all discovery had been turned over to Noe Garza.


The BV has already documented Noe Garza lied in pleadings with the court in a failed attempt to get the Motion to Adjudicate dismissed as being untimely filed.  The court file clearly showed the dates the Motion to Adjudicate was filed, but Noe Garza chose to just lie and claimed later dates in an attempt to dupe Judge Betancourt to dismiss the Motion to Adjudicate.

See story with supporting Documents



The birthdate of the Juan Mendiola I reference herein aligns with when the attorney Juan Mendiola received his law license.  The actual pretrial diversion was authorized by Ruben Pena as an attorney pro tem while Villalobos was still DA.  If you remember it was Ruben Pena just days after being assigned attorney pro tem in a murder case who dismissed the murder charges just in time for the accused's brother to sign off on a large forfeiture to  Villalobos.

But here is the interesting thing, Ruben Pena was appointed as the attorney pro tem, but it was under Saenz the dismissal motion was filed and signed by Pete Gilman - the same Pete Gilman prosecuting John Chambers.  Why is Pete Gilman signing a Motion to Dismiss for Mendiola when Ruben Pena is the attorney pro tem?  Saenz's office was disqualified from the case?  It sounds as if Mendiola owed Saenz a favor.  No one believes Mendiola when he says Janet Leal's court called and told him to withdraw from John Chambers case. 

I am still investigating to determine if this Juan Louis Mendiola is the same heard on a recording telling John Chambers he was withdrawing from his case at the request of the court.  Mendiola ran to Dallas on the day of the hearing to deal with his claims rather than appear as Chamber's attorney.  This may be handled today, but I will not be there.

The charge is Continuous Family Violence Section 25.011 of the Penal Code  "CONTINUOUS VIOLENCE AGAINST THE FAMILY.  (a)  A person commits an offense if, during a period that is 12 months or less in duration, the person two or more times engages in conduct that constitutes an offense under Section 22.01(a)(1) against another person or persons whose relationship to or association with the defendant is described by Section 71.0021(b), 71.003, or 71.005, Family Code" 

Understand this means in a 12 month period you have more than one act of alleged domestic abuse, and Saenz signs off on effective dismissal through pretrial diversion. This is just further proof Saenz and his lying POI Melissa Landin are lying about how Saenz is handling Domestic Abuse cases.

Party Information
DefendantMENDIOLA, JUAN LUISMale White
190 lbs
  SID: TX91259953
StateState of Texas

Charge Information
Charges: MENDIOLA, JUAN LUISStatute Level Date
1.  CONTINUOUS VIOLENCE AGAINST THE FAMILY30.02(c)(2)Second Degree Felony12/04/2010

10/09/2013  State's Motion to Dismiss
States Motion to Dismiss
10/09/2013  Journal Entry
State filed Motion to Dismiss (Defendant successfully completed the PTD Program). Compliance Hearing set for: 10/31/13 has been removed from the docket; Judge Pate has signed Order of Dismissal.
10/09/2013  Punishment/Sentencing/Dismissal
Order of Dismissal, signed for entry. Judge Robert c. Pate, Sitting by Assignment./dse

What is clear from this pattern is, if you want special consideration from Louis Saenz Noe Garza is your man. He was willing to point blank lie to court to get the Motion to Adjudicate against Saenz's nephew dismissed, and managed pretrial diversion for Juan Louis Mendiola.


When it served Juanito's needs he attacked Saenz and accused Ed Cyganiewicz of running cover for Saenz nephew. I pick up the story with the new DWI and all of a sudden Ed Cyganiewicz is a victim of bad old Bobby and Noe Garza point blank lying to the court to protect Saenz's nephew is AOK.

What we know for sure is, we can count on Juanito always defending those corrupting our courts.

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