Friday, November 6, 2015


A FOCUS HERE - Juanito claims I threw Cris Valadez under the bus as a source.  He was never a source.  The one time I was in his office was for him to prove to me that Cata Presas-Garcia was paying for Juanito's phone.  When he emailed me the claim I said I had to see it myself on his phone while in his office.  It was too big of a story to print without me seeing it for myself. 

Now I call this Valadez throwing Juanito under the bus.  Juanito was so drunk after Valadez called him under the pretext to see if Juanito knew anything new, Juanito called him back like 5 minutes later asking if Valadez had called him earlier.  It was on speaker phone so I heard the entire thing.  Valadez told me he would receive phone calls from Juanito in the middle of the night demanding money or else.  But yet he protects Valadez even after this betrayal.  I wonder just how much Valadez must be paying Juantito for protection?

The problem with Juanito is, he is a pathological liar - proven over and over again - and fails to understand a true journalist - not a hit man for hire such as Juanito - has no sacred cows.  He argues I betray my sources because I will not give them the status of sacred cow.  That is all you should need to know about Juanito - so long as he is paid according to him any good journalist knows you  protect the dishonest sources.

This is the second time I am trying to pull back on the politics leaving him the primary source of blogging in Brownsville, but he knows without me to expose his fraud people will not pay him to attack me. So he needs me around to force people like Zeke and Sorola to pay him to print lies.  I will accommodate them both since it is clear I can die and Juanito will not stop with his lies.  So we are on - a full frontal attack starting Monday - and remember to all who pay to keep him drunk - I tried twice to walk away and it Juanito forcing to stay in the game.

Melissa Zamora never - discussed with me her problems with Zeke - period.  Melissa ran her mouth all over town about Saenz not doing his job and how much she wanted out to the point of begging Jessica Tetreau to get her an interview with Space X for the PIO.  Jessica has loyalty to no one - it is sad that Cata Presas-Garcia still does not understand who but Jessica could have told the bloggersphere about her melt down at the airport. Jessica was right behind her, and I had no problem getting the video. If you ask Cata Jessica stood with her on the issue.  Not what Jessica told her son about the crazy lady yelling at the United staff.

Numerous people came to me with the claims Melissa  had filed complaints against Zeke - Even Mary Helen Flores, who at the time hated Zeke.

 I have zero recollection of going to the police on Martin Sarkis, I wanted to see the evidence in the file.  What I got was the NSF checks and evidence the case got dismissed in Limas court without so much as a note from any ADA or defense counsel, explaining the basis for the dismissal.


According to Juanito no competent journalist would run a criminal or bankruptcy background check on candidates for public office.  Oh that's right he failed to tell you he was on Sarkis payroll at the time.    When you see a felony charge dismissed by now convicted Abel Limas as a journalist you follow the story.  According to Juanito you do not.

We all know how honest Abel Limas was as a judge.

So because over a year ago with Melissa's permission I disclosed she is the one who brought me the Galonsky story Juanito calls this a betrayal of a source - no dude not when they give you permission.

He then assumes because Melissa and Jessica provided me information about executive sessions it must mean Melissa provided inside information at the DA's office - it never happened. 

It was Juanito who endlessly attacked me for going after Saenz before the election and after the election until the falling out between Zeke and Saenz.  Juanito attacked me for my letter to the editor exposing Saenz for failing to prosecute numerous elected officials and Oscar de la Fuente.  But then the falling out came, and now his blog is a daily conspiracy theory against Saenz.

Everyone knows my rule is no sacred cows.  Juanito never having learned the profession of journalism attacks me for my rule. If you have sacred cows based on being paid money to remain silent you are many things, but a journalist is not one of them.

Melissa has a big mouth and loves to play victim.  She runs her mouth like the mighty Mississippi. For months her friends were telling me about the daily battles with Zeke and her formal complaints.

The problem is Juanito hates that I have so many sources who respect my no sacred cow rule.  It's funny he has attacked almost all of my sources and now attacks me for exposing the dirty laundry of those sources.  I guess he hates he missed the story.

I'm not the one who took Saenz's money and then turned on him.  I have never taken a penny from anyone except the two people who helped to defray the costs of my mobile internet so I could cover the Villalobos trial live.  I fully disclosed the payment.


Saenz and Melissa are on the outs with each other.  Neither can survive without the other at this point.  Saenz knows if he fires Melissa she will talk and his career will come to a crashing end.  They are two arch enemies tied together for the sole purpose of mutual self preservation.  Neither can stand the other, but must remain tied at the hip if they are to survive.  It will not last much longer.

Herald reports are already talking that they will not go along with Saenz propaganda game once Emma retires in less than 4 weeks from now.  Without Emma to do Melissa's dirty work at AIM papers, Melissa becomes less of an asset and more of a liability.


Anonymous said...

Is it true what Juan says. ....that you worked with Melissa and Luis to get secret documents to help Debbie Portillo against Martin Sarkis?

BobbyWC said...

Absolutely not. Ever since I learned Rick Zayas did not do a bankruptcy or criminal background check on Presas-Garcia I have been doing it on all candidates - period.

This is standard practice. In Dallas the paper will run a list of all candidates with a criminal or bankruptcy history. Opposing candidates check each other out. It never occurred to me it was not being done in Brownsville.

I ran the names of all the candidates and saw Sarkis had a dismissal of a felony charge in Limas court. Given what we knew at the time about Limas any good reporter was going to follow up.

The police would have had none of the evidence. This is why it is so easy for Juanito to claim I went to the police first and for people in the know to know it is a liar. The police turn the evidence over to the DA.

If the district clerk system shows you have a felony charge it shows up on the computer. I went to the clerk and they pulled the file as a public record and it was basically empty. It just had a dismissal with no evidence an attorney ever appeared for Sarkis.

The clerk recommended I do an open records request with Saenz. I did. If I had something to hide why would I do it through an open records request? The file is a public file.

Now I suspect Saenz released the information so fast because he had a dog in the battle between Portillo and Sarkis. I was never a Portillo supporter. I have written her up as a Martinez puppet many times.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Even when Saenz released the Lowkes International contract so fast it was to counter Juanito's story. This is why I concluded Saenz had never actually read the contract or checked out Lowkes. He knew I was going to vet the company. Had he known the truth about Lowkes he would have fought the release of the contract. I had nothing to do with the rapid release - it was Saenz trying to counter Juanito not realizing that once I vetted the contract he was going to look real bad.

If I remember DA Saenz's Sarkis file was also cleansed other than the NSF checks. I was actually never allowed to see the file. I was told the only thing in the file was NSF checks along with an illegible signature of an ADA dismissing the case. I was told there was nothing in the file of an attorney appearing for Sarkis.

We know from the Villalobos trial that the routine was the defense attorney would meet Villalobos in his officer without having to file anything and the case would be dismissed. The story was 100% newsworthy. Juanito opposed it because he was under payment from Sarkis.

If Juanito were to post all of the emails he has received he would post the one wherein I told Melissa to never ever release anything without the express approval of Saenz. We kept everything on the up and up.

I have no reason to lie on this issue. I have never liked Melissa but she is desperate for an ear so it is easy to get information from her. Now on the city commission executive sessions, I have no problem admitting she along with Jessica Tetreau routinely discussed executive session with me. It is not illegal. I have posted the law on that issue. I have no problem admitting to private meeting with either Jessica and Melissa.

I have made it clear I am tired of all these animals saying they are friends and then backstabbing one another by passing information.

Since day one the BV has put everyone on notice - NO Sacred Cows - anyone who thinks I will run cover for them fails to understand the term No Sacred Cows.

Also you seem to fail to understand politics.

You do not see my side.

Every day I reject horrible comments against Cata Presas-Garcia, Jessica Tetreau and many of the candidates for office at this time. I am not stupid. It is supporters who think they are going to use the BV to spread lies and defamation. I will not play.

On Sarkis I just ran a criminal check on him - found it - wanted to find out why the case was dismissed and than learned about the evidence. I posted it.

Given what we know about Limas every competent journalist would have run with the story, well unless Sarkis was paying you to keep it quiet.

Are you suggesting I not do criminal and bankruptcy checks on all candidates? Because if you are, then you are in a very small minority. All real newspapers do basic criminal and bankruptcy background checks on all candidates.

The BV will hold to its policy even over the objections of those who want all of this kept secret.

Bobby WC