Monday, November 30, 2015

The Walking Dead, and Fear the Walking Dead are the number one series on TV.  Fear the Walking Dead premiered with record numbers last summer.

If you think the Walking Dead is about Zombies you have not seen it.  Its parallels to current events and politics is almost surreal.  The show is about how to survive.  It is about the good, the bad, and evil in society even in the face of a demand for unity.

There are two scenes which stick out in my head which define the show.  Carl, then maybe 13 or so had to decide to allow his dying mother to die and then turn or put a bullet in her head before she died and turned.  She begged him to kill her before she could turn.  She had just given birth through a C-Section and was bleeding out.  Your jaw dropped when Carl pulled the trigger.

The main group is always on the run after short periods of stability.  While on the run, a male and female character had Carl's baby sister, and two other girls.  It turns out one of the girls was schizophrenic and while the adults were away killed her little sister to show they could be friends with the walkers.  Carol the adult female had to make a decision, does she kill the schizophrenic girl to protect her and the baby and the adult male, or keep her tied up? When you are on the run constantly defending yourself from evil humans and walkers, you cannot manage a dangerous schizophrenic person.  Carol walked the girl out to a field telling her to keep looking at the flowers and then in a split second put a bullet in her head.  I have no idea what I would have done in either scenario.

This is the show.  What would you do?  Would you allow your mother to turn and then have to put a bullet in her head anyway, or would you let her die on her terms?  Would you chance keeping in your group a little schizophrenic girl knowing she could kill any of you at any time

The show is about decisions.

The main group are survivors.  For two seasons now we have been dealing with a new group who as the main leader of the group called her group naïve not stupid.  They had no real knowledge of what was happening beyond their walls. 

We have met another protected group lead by a man who believed he could take at will from other good people.  We have met cannibals to survive.  We have met various bad groups.

Season one was interesting because it forced us to look a racism.  The main group assumed these Latino kids were a gang.  In fact they were just protecting their grandparents in a high-rise nursing home.


People keep on asking me why I am not talking more about the up and coming Primaries.  I ask why?  Nothing is going to change.  The county judge race is a wash.  You know you can have the best plans and be the most qualified, but if you cannot follow the rules and play fair, good people will not support you.

On the judges, my rule is simple - if the incumbent has a good reputation and is doing his/her job I will back them.  I am not going to gamble on a bad person winning.  The Democrats in Dallas would get mad at me when I would back a Republican for judge.  My response was always the same - "content of character."  Tom Fuller a county court criminal law judge was a well known Republican.  I backed him in every election because he was knowledgeable of the law, and fair and balanced to everyone.  You knew your client was going to get a fair trial from a very competent judge.  He is now retired and a very successful mediator.  If I needed a mediator in Dallas he would be my first choice.

The DA's race is a tragedy. That is all I can say.


Cameron county and Brownsville need two things before things will change.

First we need a viable Republican Party.  I do not support a Republican Party because I support their ideas, but because if the Democrats know they have to fight they will run better candidates.  Right now what we can look forward to is some of the Democrats engaged in trench warfare against one another and all that is going to do is turn people off.

The second thing we need is a press.  I think the lack of a press is the number one issue the candidates tell me we really need. 

To have a free and balanced press in Cameron county all it would take is a few of the million lawyers and business people to put up the money for about three reporters and advertising on billboards for an Internet newspaper.  Within 6 months the Herald will be no more.

With proper billboard advertising an Internet newspaper would take off - I am not asking that the publishers support anyone or any political party.  I just want them to report the truth with no sacred cows.

Since there is no chance of a viable Republican Party or successful Internet newspaper,  I surrender on politics.  Unless I am brought into it, I really see myself not talking much about the up and coming elections.

Nothing is going to change and anyone who thinks the blogs or any other social media will change this reality are delusional.

Social Media has helped groups to organize on specific issues like, the city logo, Lincoln Park, and LNG - but because advertising moves too much of social media a united front against the corruption will never happen.  It is too easy to buy silence.

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