Thursday, November 5, 2015

As of late I have been spending a lot of time talking with old friends and family on FB.  It works better than a phone.  I am so caught up with everyone and family.  The clan is so large I cannot even keep up with the names.

Age is funny - I am refocusing on connecting with old friends and talking to family every day on FB. 

Life is going to happen with or without me.  Brownsville and Cameron county are either going to move forward or not.  We the people appear to be having a few victories.  Lincoln Park still belongs to the people, Brownsville has its old logo, and the LNG's are on hold because the people have voted down tax abatements. A private spaceport was just approved in Houston, with NASA's approval.  Maybe with a spaceport next to NASA headquarters in Houston, SpaceX will move on.

Our voice matters.  In Saudi Arabia a 17 year old boy is about to be beheaded in a public square and then have his body hang in crucifix style to send a message to anyone who dissents in Saudi Arabia.  He was convicted for sending messages on his phone during the Arab Spring which offended the  government.

I digress, people, do not get so caught up with our corrupt politicos that you forget to take time with family.  One time my brother in laws brother said I was lying when I said I did not move back to NY.  I travel a lot and am at a lot of family functions, so it appears I live there. 

My family is about family.  I have plans for Christmas and my birthday.  I may spend a month in the summer.  Buster's time is short and once she passes I will spent a lot more time in NY.  I can do what I do from anywhere.  While Buster is seemingly healthy I can see she is changing fast.  Her leg surgery was a complete success.  She has started to dig up parts of the backyard so she is still a dog.

But once she passes I will use Brownsville as a base, but probably spend 6 months a year travelling to family and friends.

I know this was a confusing post, but I have taken three Lyrica and two valium to put me to sleep - so I am in a fog.  But I saw this picture and just had to post it.  I feel sorry for people who do not thrive on family. 

What makes my family so awesome is we are gay, transgender male to female, non-binary, goth, vanilla breeders, and more ethnic backgrounds than I can remember.  This makes family parties awesome because the pot luck is always very international.  Some are covered in tats, and piercings and others nothing.  We respect each others choices.  To a person we are fearsly independent, but also codependent.

The medicine is working so I will end my rambling.

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