Monday, November 9, 2015


Below is the picture of the Starbucks cup which is offending the Christian Taliban. You will note in this Christian Taliban's rant he never once mentions anything about the message of Joshua - Jesus. It would never occur to him to include Joshua in his rant because the Christian Taliban is about many things, but Joshua is not one of them.

I am by no means a Starbucks fan. I believe a new psychiatric disorder should be created for the people who are constantly on line bragging about their morning coffee at Starbucks. It is a freaken cup of coffee not an epiphany.

I will admit unless you are a news service I do not understand FB or Twitter.  This need society has to post everything they are doing the second they do it is troubling.  Drop kids at school - farted - etc etc.

But guys the need for the Christian Taliban to control corporate America so we become the Christian Taliban has to stop.  So even though I have no use for Starbucks if you must go, try asking them to place your name as "Nice Seasonal Cup."

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