Sunday, November 1, 2015

A friend who sent me the information at my request sent message to Kay Holiday to correct her misinformation. The message was written by me but sent by a friend.  I have lots of friends who monitor Castro's page every day.   The anonymous post of me complaining about the copy right infringement, was sent to Kay Holiday.  It is funny the pathetic Kay Holiday complains I kept my name off of the copyright post published by Erasmo and then posts anonymously to Castro's page. Get it - no honor among thieves and idiots
Remember Castro took my post.  I took nothing from him.  Craig Grove has verified for everyone willing to listen the first project which launched Castro - Fly Frontera was nearly 100% copied from the BV.  He did no original research - it was nearly all stolen.
So remembering he stole the piece from me this is his response - is this the rants of an honest person?  If I need him, why does he steal from the bloggers he always is calling liars?
From Erasmo:
NOTE: I really don't care if 40,000 people read what I post or if 4 people read what I post... The delusional blogger, who is using a fake Facebook page in order to have access to my page, is desperate for attention.[Remember it is Castro who stole my post].. Much like my stalkers, without me they would have nothing and very few who would even give them the time of day... I post for my family and friends, If you are neither, pues then stop trolling my page and go support my detractors, my haters... they desperately need someone to pat them on the back; I surely don't...
Have a great day!!!"

Yes we would have nothing as his main stories are stolen from the bloggers he hates.  I took nothing from his page and never will.  I have standards.  He stole my article and then claims. I need him.  This is truly delusional.

I do not want my work associate with the likes of Castro.  This is why I file the copyright complaints.  I want to protect my name from this thief.

Facebook has removed my work from his page as a copyright infringement in the past.  This time I sent my complaint directly to the Chief Counsel with a very clear outline of the law as to when they become liable because they continue to allow him to operate.
Castro has personal problems - there is no doubt about that.  But his personal problems do not entitle him to break the law.

He has no real research skills so he relies on stealing other people's work.  It is for Barton and Juanito to file there own copyright infringement complaints against Castro.

He copied my post on the cause of the flooding.  As my readers know I took a lot of responsibility in investing in the protection of my home, and in fact announced I will be buying another yard of topsoil to regrade the west side of my home, while adding what will be a 5th and 6th drainage system.  I am being proactive because I know I cannot wait on this inept city commission to do their job.

I have received numerous complaints from the constituency of Jessica Tetreau and Rick Longoria that both are blowing off people with endless excuses.

I kept Jessica's name out of this, but since she worships Castro as the second coming I want my readers to know about her moronic and reckless claims against the people. For a pregnant woman due any day I am amazed in a flooded city she was able to drive all of town to know the main reason is blocked drains.

Aside from poor drainage conditions, and 6.55 inches of water in 1.5 hours, people who do not respect our already overwhelmed storm drains are one of the largest contributing factors to the reasons some areas flooded today. This was on Price Rd which backed up all the way to Boca Chica and flooded both an elementary and middle school out. Do not block storm drains"

If you know Jessica and Erasmo one day they are lovers the next they are bad mouthing one another in social media and blocking each other from their FB pages - sounds like Jessica's relationship with Art.


If this happened once a year it might be one thing, but it happens with every heavy down pour.  The solution is not complex.  The drainage area is not large enough to accept the water when it goes down the drains.  We have the drains but no where to send the water once it enters the drain.  Even complete idiots like Jessica Tetreau and Rick Longoria can understand such a simple solution.  No, Jessica will tell you it is you putting trash in front of the drains which is the problem.


"Kay Hollywood Funny how this person only puts their initials and doesn't take responsibility for what they post. You want the leadership of our city to take responsibility yet you can't take responsibility for your own comment. Smdh."

Priscilla Castillo Yup, I agree! You want to lay it out there, put your name behind it. Oh wait, they might 'lose their job'. Oh shut up!

Kay and Pricilla since your great hero with a criminal past has blocked me I cannot correct your stupid comments.  The post is an illegal copyright infringement.  My work is always signed.  But you had no interest beyond being part of a group of idiots who never check anything out and rely in disinformation.

Ellen Tyma Every major city that has low lying areas floods. This is not unique to Brownsville. When you get a lot of rain in a short period of time areas in a flood plain know flood. Buy flood insurance or don't build or move to areas that are prone to flooding. The entire LRGV is part of a delta that prior to dams flooded regularly. Stop blaming the leaders when poor personal choices and bad regulations allow people to live in flood prone area.

Like22 hrs

Guillermo Rodriguez Wait the last time i saw, it didnt just happen to the city of brownsville but every city that the storm hit everyone always seems to blame others for weather problems just get proper insurance cause weather is always unpredictable.
Ellen and Guillermo demonstrate their ignorance which is why they rely on Erasmo - ignorance is easier than knowledge.  When you buy a home the bank demands to know the flood history- same goes for the insurance company.  In most cases the documents will show Brownsville areas are in a 50 or a 100 year floodplain.  Not a once a month floodplain as you would have people believe.  So it is your argument if other cities fail their people it is okay for Brownsville to fail its citizens. 
Further to Guillermo my neighbor has flood insurance.  Your ignorance only makes matters worse.  In our area if you have a mortgage on your home, by law you must have flood insurance. If you do not get it the bank will get it for you.  I will make this easy for you to understand.  The insurance companies are going to pay out big for this mess.  The end result is everyone's rates will go up.
But to you this is a better solution than our city leaders accepting the fact Brownsville has failed to create proper drainage areas for the water.  It is only going to get worse. 
If this week I can get that yard of top soil I will regrade the west wall on my home.  I will bring in workers to help me with the two new drainage systems to keep my back yard from flooding.  It is my home and my responsibility to keep it protected.
But when the flooding is damaging people's property on a regular basis a competent city commission hires a competent engineer to fix it.  This is not new.  I have been here 11 years and Boca Chica always goes under water every time for the same reason.  There is adequate drainage on the street, just no where for the water to go once it enters the drainage system.
To all of Erasmo Castro moronic followers - please tell us how many years does Boca Chica have to go under water before you will feel like the city must address the problem?


Anonymous said...

Kay Hollywood and the other fat moron Priscilla Castillo are on fb 24/7
Those 3 need to get a life.
Erasmo has them so brainwashed, they are both delusional imbeciles, by the way those are the only people that follow castro "la marrana" delusional idiots who have nothing to do but complain about the color of the sky.

BobbyWC said...

I almost did not publish your comment because it contains language I do not like, but then I realized it opened a door to something which needs to be said.

These imbeciles including Castro keep on saying I am spreading hate. Go to his page if you are not blocked. Like last time when FB took down my page from his page he is thumbing his nose to the rules and encouraging hate filled speech towards me. It would not surprise me if every comment is from a fake FB page he has created. the first 19 came way too fast.

So I approveed your comment to point out that it is in fact Castro always using hate filled speech against anyone who calls him out.

I do not know if he is delusional or just a second rate con artist.

I will say this anyone seeking office or holding office who post on his page is telling Brownsville they support this liar, thief and con artist. They will be handled accordingly.

Now I will say on my copyrighted post and picture, a lot of people agreed with me. They are tired of the excuses. The city needs to increase the area which receives the water. This is not an unexpected once a year deal. It is regular. The city has been warned to expect a lot of rain this winter. But I can assure Jessica and Rick will feign surprise. They need to stop watching the Kardashians and start reading real newspapers with important information

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Many people cut their yards and leave all their clippings, branches, etc in drainage ditches. Many landscapers blow leaves and grass into the streets which do clog drainage. This is a fact. We all see it.

BobbyWC said...

nice try but no cigar. This is what she said "people who do not respect our already overwhelmed storm drains are one of the largest contributing factors to the reasons some areas flooded today."

The largest contributing factor - now do you really believe that. The city has in the past conceded the Resacas could not handle the water. And further are you telling my readers with the strength of the flow of the water it could not move along some grass in the lines?

Yes, if someone places a lot of brush in front of a drain it will impede the drainage. But the entire system.

You are desperately looking to run cover for Jessica and no one with N IQ over 75 is buying it.

I have never seen a drain with brush in front of it, but since I have not seen every drain in Brownsville I cannot say it does not happen. There was no brush or anything in front of my neighbor's home.

Further on the other corner of Ripple Creek is a drain - some 25 feet away - so how did both back up into the street and cause so much flooding - because someone on Price had brush in front of a drain?

People this is why the entire city commission has to go - they are not doing their jobs and will blame everyone but themselves.

This excuse is beyond pathetic

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

She wrote "one of" not THE largest contributing factor. There is a difference. You are sensationalizing here statements, but I guess that is what you always do. You are wrong.

BobbyWC said...

Give it up Jessica you said one of the largest. It is so small of a problem it barely rates mentioning hence not one of the largest - you got caught and as always try and spin yourself out of your stupidity. You really need to learn the meaning of "everything you say can and will be used against you.

I'm not the one calling you the dumbest city commissioner - that was someone who claims to be your best friend.

I'm not one to agree with Tony Martinez, but it seems he is spot on when he calls you stupid in executive session - such as you have repeatedly told me while discussing what happens in executive session.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Kay Hollywood is stupid, so is Priscilla Castillo and about a select few of 10 people who view Castro as their leader. It is right what you say, they are lemmings. Last I heard he doesn't even live in Brownsville anyway.

BobbyWC said...

They are basically nothing more than pathetic bullies which is why they like Castro - he gives them a forum for pathetic bullies.

Nowhere did they address the problem. It seems Castro by defending then is saying the people are the problem and not the leadership - we need to remember who is blaming for the flooding.

He does not call them out because he needs these pathetic bullies to bring in the bored to read the nothingness he prints.

Bobby WC